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Issue 48 | September 2018



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June 2018


Westworld had a history of innovative marketing behind it. With the finale to series two fast approaching, HBO wanted to reward fans and extend excitement after the season wrapped. Voice technology provided a new forum for HBO to extend its legacy of innovative marketing, with a natural AI tie-in to the show’s layered narrative.


All Westworld fans had to say was, “Alexa... open Westworld” and they were at the very beginning of The Maze, a full scale voice-activated game that delivered a true extension of HBO’s Westworld series, with a total of over two hours gameplay. Fans could enter Westworld from within their own homes, exploring the park as a host on a quest for consciousness. They could choose from three style levels with over 60 storylines and 400 unique game choices, riddled with questions about the Westworld universe. Each game lasted about 20 minutes, if the gamer could stay alive that long. Every element was designed to be as layered and as rich as the show itself. Only uberfans would find their way to the centre of the Maze.

Popular characters Bernard/Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) appeared at certain stages of the game, lending their vocal talents to test users on their understanding of Westworld lore.

Almost anything could be a clue, which fans enjoyed, revelling in the show’s layers and chasing down every hint and teaser.


The campaign maintained interest in Westworld way beyond the Season 2 finale. 10,000+ plays in the first week led to 500+ million earned media impressions..

Our Thoughts

The writers of Westworld understood and were open to digital ideas even as they were writing the series. And it shows! Everything HBO have done has been interesting – including an HBO fifteen-second takeover. When they launched, the website was designed to work like a travel site, where visitors could explore the locations and the characters. Easter eggs were hidden that would only become evident months later as the plotlines unfolded.

Next, HBO worked with Google to turn one of the characters in the show, Aeden, into a chatbot in Google Home. There were a million voice engagements. So the team knew that talking to people, literally, and getting them to talk back, literally, works.

Voice is already the next big thing. And it’s going to be good for copywriters, because it takes great skill to be able to write these conversations.

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