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Love at First Taste


Issue 41 | December 2016



MullenLowe London & LA

Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer Mark Wenneker, MullenLowe U.S. Executive Creative Director Margaret Keene, MullenLowe LA Global Creative Director Tom Hudson, MullenLowe London Senior Art Director Bryan Carroll, MullenLowe LA Senior Copywriter Aroon Mukhey, MullenLowe LA

Production Team

Director Tatia Pilieva Production Company Pulse Films Production Company Producer Neil Andrews Audio Post Production Nathan Dubin at Margarit Mix Agency Producer Nicholas Kurs, MullenLowe London Production Assistant Camille Hanish-Oakes, MullenLowe London

Other Credits

Managing Partner, Strategy Rebecca Morgan, MullenLowe London Global Business Director Richard Ellis MullenLowe London Global Account Manager Izzy Falcon MullenLowe London Strategist MullenLowe London Jenny Barthe Media Agency PHD and Mindshare PR Agency Edelman


April 2016


Knorr wanted to build on the success of their 2015 film 'The Flavour of Home', which was one of the most viewed online food films, attracting over 100 million views.

To tap into the millennial appetite for sharing recipes and learning cooking tips from bloggers and vloggers, Knorr conducted a global brand research project, which questioned 12,000 people about their attitudes towards flavour and its importance in their lives. One of its key findings was that we are more likely to be attracted to someone who shares our flavour profile and that a third of people worry about their long term compatibility with a person who doesn't share a love of the same flavours.


Knorr became matchmakers and paired together 14 single people for seven blind dinner dates. The couples were matched up by their flavour preferences to see if a shared passion for certain tastes would ignite chemistry between the two.

A three-minute video showed what happened.

After watching the film, viewers could click a link to the campaign website to take the flavor test themselves and share their "flavour personality." The Flavour Profiler, created with the input of IBM, put them into one of 12 profiles (Salty Adventurer; Roasted Romantic; Gracious Grazer; Tangy Dynamo; Meaty Warrior; Spicy Rebel; Sweet Seeker; Deep Sea Dreamer; Rustic Ranger; Earthy Idealist; Mustard Maverick or Melty Indulger) and served up tailored recipe recommendations.

Also on the website were interviews with the cast and a video date diary following one couple who really did find "Love at first taste".


The film "Love at First Taste" ( watch?v=xwx7NnPQ44U) was viewed 6.5 million times on the first day and became the number one most watched ad on YouTube for the month of May.

So far there have been over 108 million views across all channels, a total of two billion campaign impressions of which 1.4 billion were earned impressions.

Our Thoughts

Interestingly this ran (in cut-down form) as a TV commercial as well as on YouTube, where it's three minutes long.

I've seen recent figures that show when you use YouTube and TV together, you reach 56% more millennials than if you just use telly alone.

And that was what this campaign was all about, trying to reach younger food-obsessives, who, by and large, are not easy to reach in traditional media.

They're not easy to reach in digital media, either – unless the idea interests them. And this certainly did. Brilliant idea, brilliantly shot by Tatia Pilieva (who also made the even bigger YouTube hit "First Kiss" for Wren: https://www.

Full marks to the agency for wanting to do more than just shoot a film and create a meaningful experience for visitors to the site. The Profiler does just that and, for me, is the beating heart of the camp


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