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Hadia Time

Lenovo Middle East

Issue 41 | December 2016



OgilvyOne Dubai

Creative Team

Regional Executive Creative Director Will Rust Creative Director Logan Allanson Art Directors Ben Griffiths Rafael Valencia Anas AlHakim Copywriters Ahmed Elsherif Prajakta More Jordache Fernandes

Production Team

Production Adikit Mobile Chief Technical Officer, Lead developer Gabriel Zabusek Android developer Marek Polacik Backend developer Ales Valta Chief Testing Officer Data Analyst Matej Valenta

Other Credits

Regional Managing Director Nabil Moutran Account Service Fadia AlDandachi Mike Newall Maysoun Hanna Social Majd Abi Ali Mouna Ghadban Agency Coordinator Nicola Sutherland Regine Manalo


June – August 2016


Ramadan is the Islamic holy month that encourages self-reflection, generosity and celebrates togetherness with family and loved ones.

In recent years people had been spending more and more time on their phones than spending time with their families during the month.

In the Middle East, use of social media was known to increase dramatically during Ramadan (Twitter usage went up 33%, Facebook usage up 30%).

At the same time, thousands of blue collar workers in the UAE came from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Smartphones were the only way they could connect with their families far away.


In the spirit of Ramadan 2016, Lenovo wanted to encourage residents of the UAE to put down their smartphones to spend more quality time with their families. And, in doing so, help the migrant workers spend more time with their families too.

Hadia Time was a free app that powered up when smartphone users powered down. (Hadia translates to 'gift' in English.)

For every minute a phone stayed locked, Lenovo turned those minutes into data, which they donated to those who most needed it.

The more time people spent with their families, the more time the workers got to connect with theirs.


The campaign achieved over 5,127,035 million video views on Facebook and YouTube in one month. [Source: Social Analytics]

21,300,000+ Million impressions were generated through PR coverage.

Enthusiastic users generated thousands of their own how-to videos for the app.

The app reached the number one spot in KSA in the Lifestyle Category in the Google Playstore, outranking prayer apps in Ramadan. It was downloaded 31,235 times leading to donations of 2,855,984 million minutes, or 1,983 day/ 66 months/ 5.5 years of family time.

Our Thoughts

In many instances, you can take the words Corporate Social Responsibility and translate them as bull**it.

So many CSR campaigns smell of it. I could name names but for the fact that at Directory we don't like to dish the dirt. And here's a campaign that allows us to sing the praises of both client and agency for getting it right.

First of all, the idea is in the spirit of Ramadan. Secondly Lenovo, a maker of smartphones, is showing it is aware of both the virtues and the vices associated with its product. Thirdly it is an idea that allows people to give generously but effortlessly. And lastly, every donated minute would have meant a lot to the beneficiaries.

It will certainly have nudged brand love in the right direction.


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