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Karlovacko Natur Radler Lemon


Issue 42 | March 2017



Bruketa&Zinic OM

Creative Team

Creative Director Drago Mlakar Art Director Tanja Pruzek Simpovic Designer Tomislav Sestak Copywriter Vanja Cinic Illustrator Vedran Klemens

Production Team

Production Manager Vesna Durasin

Other Credits

Account Director Roberta Kranjec Account Manager Valentina Bugarin Head of DTP/Pre press Radovan Radicevic Photographer Domagoj Kunic


Summer 2016 limited edition


After partnering with local lemon producers, HEINEKEN Croatia presented a limited edition of Karlovacko Lemon Natur Radler – the first radler on the Croatian market made using local lemons from the island of Vis.

The agency's task was to come up with the packaging and accompanying direct B2B communication with the aim of telling the story about the 100% natural ingredients as well as the authentic Vis lemons used to make the specialedition of Karlovacko Lemon radler.


The bottle, illustrated with Vis landmarks, was packed in a paper box together with freshly picked lemons from Vis and a special letter whose content could be read only if smeared with lemon juice. This Vis story package was then sent out to all Heineken business partners.


The feedback from buyers was positive, the packaging impressed them. It was thanks to this new packaging and its premium natural look that the product entered new retail channels. As for the B2B packages, the partners were thrilled, especially with the paper revealing the text after being smeared with lemon juice. The idea was to be consistent so packages containing lemons picked on Vis were sent. There was no business partner who hasn't reacted to the product, its packaging and the creative way it was introduced.

Our Thoughts

I love this Croatian agency! They send us a lot of their work and while we don’t often feature it (mainly because it doesn’t fit with our editorial position of innovation in communication) we do admire it. And this is just the most wonderful display of craft skills. You can feel the care in every tiny detail, in the wrapping paper, the typography, the fact that lemon juice is the secret agent that reveals the copy of the letter: this piece oozes love for the product (and by the way, radler is a kind of shandy, originally invented in 1922 by inn-keeper Franz Kugler – details at Wikipedia) and love for design.


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