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Irresistible Posts

Heinz Brazil

Issue 45 | December 2017




Creative Team

CCO Sergio Gordilho ECD Ricardo Figueira Creative Director Alexandre Prado ACD Alvin Shiguefuzi Copywriter Rafael Carvalho Art Directors Bruno Damiao, Marco Giuseppe Design Marina Cota Facebook Creative Shop Daniel Bottas

Production Team

Production Special Projects Team Monique Lopes Lima, Eliot Tosta, Aline Saraiva Digital Producer Mario Mendes Agency Producers Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Melito, Valdir dos Santos Production Company Santa Transmedia

Other Credits

Client Services Paula Coelho, Luisa Vissotto, Barbara Sarquis Media Team Luiz Fernando Vieira, Francisco Custodio, Willian Aveiro, Douglas Oliveira, Bianca Navega Planning Team Rodrigo Maroni, Aldo Pini, Caio Queiroz, Fernanda Valeria Oliveira, Larissa Perroni Community Managers Milena Vieira, Veronica Bortoloto Chef Santi Roig Client Approval Isabella Rizzo, Thiago Rapp


July 2017


Instagram changed how people eat. One in five people shared a photo of food at least once a month. Food had become social currency, as The Guardian noted.

The only problem was, you might drool over a post but you couldn't actually eat it.


Heinz set out to create edible posts for Instagram users at lunchtime. When people followed hashtag #foodporn, Heinz was there waiting for them in Instagram Stories with Irresistible Posts.

They found mouth-watering shots of hamburgers made exclusively by chef Santi Roig from Underdog Meat & Beers restaurant.

The chef then entered the scene and prompted people to make an upward movement with their smartphones to order that burger, which was delivered in a personalised box along with a suitable range of burger-enhancing Heinz products.

Videos and photos of how each burger was cooked were sent directly to the recipients' phones.


There were over seven million earned media impressions, 40 million media impressions overall, 406,269 interactions and 14 million views, reaching a total of 26 million people.

Ad recall was up 11 points.

Our Thoughts

It's lunchtime. You're hungry. So you go on to Instagram to see what delicious grub some other lucky devil is about to tuck into. And suddenly you get the opportunity to have a top-notch burger with all the bits delivered to your desk. What is there not to like?

So, this isn't specifically direct mail in that I don't suppose the burgers were delivered by the postman. But it is a nice illustration of how increasingly we see the line between digital and physical becoming blurred. One experience leads seamlessly to another.


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