The Nike NBA Connected Jersey

Nike Global

Issue 45 | December 2017


AKQA New York

Creative Team

Group Creative Director Johnny Budden International Design Director Carlos Matias Associate Creative Director Tim McDonell Art Director Felipe Yamaoka Copywriter Devin Altman

Production Team

Anonymous Content Edit House Rock Paper Scissors Finishing MPC Music Future Perfect

Other Credits

Senior Strategist Elisa Peebles Senior Account Director Nic Camacho Program Director Chris Yew Senior Producer Dustin Freeman Senior Integrated Project Manager Christine Barnowsky


September 2017


Every Nike NBA Connected Jersey was made to give its owner a personalised digital experience, bringing fans closer to courtside than ever before and allowing them to feel a part of the game through an authentic connection to the players, teams and culture they loved.


The Connected Jersey allowed wearers to get highlights videos, scores, stats and exclusive content from and about their favourite teams and players with a simple tap of their smartphone on the jersey tag.

As exclusive suppliers of jerseys to the NBA, Nike wanted to help fans get unprecedented access to the sport as well as to premium experiences and new Nike products.

A global, integrated launch campaign invited fans to 'Tap Into The Game'.

Once they bought the jersey, they downloaded the app, signed in to their NikePlus account and then tapped the jersey to get highlights and scores, upcoming fixtures and clips of the players off-court as well as players' Spotify lists.


The jersey was transformed from a passive piece of apparel into a seamless connection to real and rare experiences, making even the furthest fans feel a part of the action. When interviewed, some of the biggest stars in the game were inspired by a deeper insight into and connection with their fans.

Our Thoughts

It was only a matter of time that wearable tech became mainstream like this, rather than experimental like CHE Proximity's "Alert Shirt" for Foxtel in 2014.

One of the online reviews said, "this is really, really, REALLY good."

Nike has a tradition of expecting more than advertising ideas from its agencies. On the one hand, they have R/GA, who created the Fuel Band and developed Nike+, on the other, BBH who recently devised the "Unlimited Stadium" in Singapore. Here is AKQA showing that agencies definitely have a future if they can master the intersection between popular culture and product design.


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