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The Last da Vinci: The World is Watching


Issue 46 | March 2018



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November 2017


There are fewer than 20 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci in the world. So the discovery of a new one raised interest around the world when it came to be auctioned at Christie's in New York.

Christie's partnered with Droga5 to bring the world's attention to the significance of what was happening, the sale of probably the last Leonardo da Vinci.


The painting was placed on display and as the world looked on, Leonardo looked back. A film captured exactly how breathtaking this work was by simply not showing it at all. Hidden cameras documented the real emotions of visitors to Christie's, showing the impact this piece of art history had on them.

"The Last da Vinci" was brought back into the public eye by sharing the emotional story of how the world responded to seeing this very private painting on public view.


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Our Thoughts

This is a marvellous film shot by the marvellously talented Nadav Kander about a most marvellous painting.

But like the painting, the video has, I think, more depth to it than you might think.

Originally thought to be one of a number of copies of a lost original, "Salvator Mundi" was bought at auction in New Orleans in 2005 for under $10,000. It was given a thorough cleaning, after which it was authenticated as an original Leonardo. On November 15th 2017 it was bought for the Abu Dhabi Louvre for $450,312,500 at Christie's.

Actually, the purchase price was $400 million and the other $50.3 million were fees.

So why make a film about it? Firstly, not all scholars are convinced the picture is the real thing. In return for their $50.3 million, Christie's are doing their client a favour. The video helps create an aura of public certainty about the painting. If it can move people so profoundly, then it must be a genuine Leonardo. Incidentally, in promoting the picture, the film was also promoting the museum, which opened only four days earlier.

Secondly, it's an interesting ad for Christie's. It makes the auctioneers seem approachable so that, if you happen to have a picture or an heirloom to sell, you wouldn't feel inhibited walking in off the street.


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