Marmite Mind Control


Issue 53 | December 2019



Creative Team

Group Executive Creative Director: Ben Tollett Creatives: Matt Fitch, Mark Lewis, Andre Sallowicz, Simon Vicars

Production Team

Agency Producer: Brittany Littlewood

Other Credits

Business Director: Tom White Account Directors: Oliver Lester Planner: Will Grundy


October 2019


People either love Marmite or they hate it. But what if that hate could be cured?


Using behavioural science and hypnotherapy a 15-minute film was created that could re-programme haters of Marmite, over-riding the physical taste triggers that lead to rejection.

The film was developed in consultation with hypnotist and bestselling author Rory Z Fulcher. Marmite haters over the age of 18 could apply online for hate reversal therapy at To prove the power of the film, the nation’s biggest Marmite haters were invited to step forward and take part. The results were scheduled to be published later in the year.

An edited two-minute ‘safe’ version of the Mind Control film was available on the Marmite website with all hypnotherapy segments removed.

The idea was supported with an integrated campaign including ultra-short-format TV blipverts. The 2-second and 3-second spots will disrupt the nation’s advertising breaks with hypnotic, glitching visuals.


Soon after launch, the campaign had generated Marmite’s best-ever engagement rates on social (Twitter/FB/Insta). Social impressions over the launch weekend reached 21 million with 4,000 Marmite haters applying to view the full-length film.

Retailers reported lifts in sales and great customer engagement but as yet there are no numbers.

Our Thoughts

It was back in 2006 that Marmite first declared you either love it or hate it. The brilliant strategy has become a trope.

Wagner, Russell Brand, winklepickers, Boris Johnson, even the church in St. Giles High Street, London, have all been described as like Marmite.

Keeping the idea fresh and relevant doesn’t seem to have been a problem and this latest iteration has got the newspapers writing about it.

With this idea of hypnotism, the blipverts work brilliantly. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d write enthusiastically about two-second ads but that day has come.

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