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Telefonica’s Vivo/ Wonder Women Tech

Issue 48 | September 2018



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January 2018


Vivo was the biggest internet provider in Brazil, completely committed to gender equality. So, when the brand found out that the online gaming in Brazil was rife with sexual harassment, it decided to take a stand. After all there were 1.8 billion gamers online everyday and nearly half of them were girls. Almost all had suffered some form of harassment while playing.


Many girls felt they had to hide their identities behind male nicknames in order to protect themselves from abuse while playing.

So, some of the biggest male influencers in online gaming were invited to do the same and change their names too but change to female names and play online for a day. Then they were asked to video themselves while playing and share the video of their experiences with their fans.

Millions of their followers saw for themselves how unacceptable the online behaviour of some male gamers was and were prompted to speak up.


The movement spread beyond Brazil and around the world. There were over 115 million media impressions with no investment, more than 200,000 social media interactions on different platforms, 98.6% of positive mentions, more than 40 hours of organic content posted on YouTube either of people taking part in the experience or talking about the problem. Countless girls were encouraged to never hide again, which is important given that many boys and girls interacting with this campaign were still making up their minds about gender and their roles in society.

Our Thoughts

Influencers are media owners in themselves, bringing huge audiences to advertisers for better or for worse. For better in this instance. For me, the crucial part of this is how the message is getting to young men before their attitudes have become hard-wired.

It is a beautifully simple idea, allowing men to experience what it’s like to be a female gamer and then getting those men to share the experience with their followers.

Between them, they created over 40 hours of content on YouTube. Editing that down to a single, short video that told the whole story was a neat way of getting the idea rapidly and widely out into news media.

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