Cannes Contenders 2014

Patrick Collister, Editor

Issue 31 | June 2014

We put out an email asking creative directors for their Top 5 campaigns of the year, ideas they are sure will win Gold at Cannes in June 2014.

David Bell wrote that "There is no obvious repeat of last year's mega-winner, 'Dumb Ways To Die'". But judging from the responses we got, Forsman & Bodenfors - are going to win multiple Golds for their Volvo trucks campaign, which is broader and deeper than just the 'Epic Split' viral with Claude van Damme.

Similarly, Lemz Amsterdam will pick up a ton of metal for their work for Terre des Hommes, 'Sweetie'.

It's an idea that makes people in advertising feel good about the business and the role creative people can play in making the world a slightly better place. It has the Grand Prix for Good written all over it.

I'm happy to report that pretty much every Direct/ Promo and Digital campaign selected by the creative directors has appeared in Directory in the last year.

Further evidence to support our claim that it is worth subscribing to Directory because it's here you get to see the work first.

Top Picks: The Editor's Choice

Direct Mail

Bulk Litter Warehouse - Catnip DM - Rethink Canada

Direct Mail impregnated with catnip was sent out to pet owners, who were amazed to see their cats attracted to the post.


Pon's Automobielhandel - Porsche Blind Trade - Achtung

Porsche Netherlands invited people to trade in their car for the new Porsche, sight unseen. Cars to the value of €90m were traded including a Bentley and three Ferraris.


GE - Brilliant Machines - BBDO New York

A band of robots called Compressorhead played a series of free concerts, demonstrating the value of electricity.

Traditional media, broadcast

Itau Bank - The Broadcast Made For You - DDB Brazil

Itau bank broadcast live radio commentaries of big football matches on two different radio stations, each radio station passionately supporting one of the teams. No balanced commentary, just pure 100% bias, the way fans like it.


Metro St. James - Pay with a Kiss - Lavender, Sydney

Rather than pay money, Metro St. James invited people to pay for their coffee with a kiss. They made a film; their Facebook page rattled up pictures and views; the world was charmed.

Top Picks: Graham Fink

Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy China

TV and Film

Mercedes - Magic Body Control - Jung Von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart

TV and Film

New Zealand Transport Association - Mistakes - Clemenger BBDO, Wellingtonart

TV and Film

Newcastle Brown Ale -- Behind the Scenes - with Anna Kendrick - Droga5 New York

TV and Film, Branded Content

Cyber, Integrated

Volvo Trucks - Van Damme - Forsman & Bodenfors

Integrated, Promo, Direct

Shenyang Centre for Psychology - Word Weapons - Ogilvy Beijing

Top Picks: Matt Batten

Chief Creative Officer Wunderman London

Outdoor, Cyber, Media, Direct, Integrated, Promo

Magic of Flying - British Airways - OgilvyOne, London

Many have seen the short video that shows the little boy stand up and point at the passing plane and marvelled at it's simplicity. But when the jurors see the full case study video, as I have, their minds will be blown by the complex technology that sat not only behind it but all around a two-and-a-half square mile zone of London to ensure the data was correct and the timing perfect.

Cyber, Outdoor, Integrated, Direct, Promo, Innovation

Power Suit - M.J.Bale - Whybin\TBWA Sydney

Tailor M.J.Bale and Heritage Bank and Visa have partnered to put a payment chip in the sleeve of their suits. Guys can pay 'invisibly'; with a wave of their sleeve in bars and restaurants, impressing all.

I think the new buzzwords 'wearable tech' will be all over Cannes entries this year, but many will fall short of a Lion due to scale, practicality, and strength of idea. However, Whybin have a history of creating innovative campaigns for high-end tailor M.J.Bale (recall their 'Grazed on Greatness' campaign from 2012?) and I hope this campaign gets the recognition is deserves in the context of the brand.

Cyber, Media, PR, Direct, Branded Content, Titanium

Sweetie - Terre des Hommes - Lemz, Amstersdam

This incredibly well-constructed 'secret' campaign will carry home Lions by the truckload. From the insight - to the strategy to the technology to the politically- charged results, 'Sweetie' is flawless and big and bold and successful and everything a Cannes Lions winner should be. I wish I was judging again just so I could do my damnedest to make sure it wins.

Outdoor, Cyber, Promo

Blowing in the Wind - Apotek Hjärtat - Akestam Holst, Gothenburg

For the Swedish haircare brand Apotek Hjärtat (try saying that quickly five times), the agency produced a digital poster on underground train station platforms that showed a woman with long luscious hair. When a train rolled into the station, her hair blew all around as though windswept by the train. Simple and effective way to blur the line between ad and environment.

Branded Content, Cyber, Direct, Promo, Media, PR, Integrated

Swing for Good - Coca-Cola - Aqua/Wunderman, Johannesburg

So it might sound like bias but I genuinely believe we'll see the jury give kudos to this brilliant CSR project - in which Coke packing crates were up-cycled into children's swings and fitted with an Android device

that tweeted each time the swing swung. And for each swing/tweet, Coke laid 1-square-metre of turf on a bare football field. The idea included proxy swinging and other clever stuff that amplified this cool blend of the brand ethos of happiness with the modernity of tech.

Top Picks: Charlie Wilson

Chief Creative Officer OgilvyOne EMEA

We do have high hopes for OgilvyOne London's 'Magic of Flying' for BA, but I'd never be so bold as to name it as a prediction. Just fingers crossed at this stage...!

Direct, Cyber, Film, Media, The Lot

Terre des Hommes - Sweetie - Lemz, Amsterdam

This is a sure fire Gold winner. Brilliantly and secretively conceived. I know that the subject matter automatically raises the work to a higher level, but you just can't argue with the ingenuity and the results.

Sweetie, a 10 year-old girl in the Philippines, was an avatar, created to lure paedophiles into incriminating themselves online.

Direct, Cyber, Film, Media, PR

Volvo Trucks - Van Damme Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg

I'm a sucker for a good product demo. But when it's executed this simply and beautifully, from the music to the casting to the one-shot take, I'm sure the jury will agree too.

Film, Cyber

Pharrell Williams - Happy 24-hour Music Video Iconoclast, USA

I know that this is not strictly advertising, but it has a simple and great idea at the heart of it and is a real joy to interact with.

Promo, PR, Direct Cyber, Media

Lidl - Dill - Ingo, Stockholm

A pop-up restaurant appeared in Stockholm with the 2-star Michelin chef Michael Wignall. It was called Dill and was booked out from the first day to the last. All the food came from budget supermarket Lidl.

A bold and fresh idea that deserves a Gold Lion just for managing to pull it off.

Promo, PR, Direct, Cyber, Media

D Rose Jump Store - Adidas - TBWA London

At last something from the UK! A lovely piece of work that is elevated even higher by a brilliantly witty and irreverent case study.NBA All-Star Derrick Rose was in London. A pop-up stiore was created in East London. All the shoes were free. You just had to get them. They were on shelves ten feet off the ground. 2,500 people turned up and 600,000 watched the video.

Top Picks: Martin Cedergren

Executive Creative Director M&C Saatchi Stockholm

Film, Branded Content, Integrated, Cyber, media, PR

Volvo Trucks - Van Damme Epic Split Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden

1 minute and 14 seconds of true viral advertising including JCVD, a morning sunrise, two Volvo trucks driving backwards and Enya. What can go wrong?

Media, Press

LG OLed-TV - 4MM, The World's Slimmest Ad M&C Saatchi, Stockholm

LG's OLED-TV were touted as the thinnest televisions on the market. M&C Saatchi Stockholm realised that tech magazine, "Sound & Vision" was also just 4 mm thick -a coincidence leading to a perfect media placement, and a unique product demonstration, on the magazine's spine.

Media, Outdoor Cyber, Promo

Apotek Hjärtat - Blowing In - The Wind Åkestam.Holst, Sweden

An innocuous-looking poster in a Stockholm subway surprised commuters when the model reacted to the arrival of trains, her hair blowing around as if by the wind.

Top Picks: Geoffrey Hantson

Executive Creative Director Duval Guillaume, Antwerp

TV and Film, Branded Content, Cyber, Integrated

Volvo Trucks - Van Damme Epic Split Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden

Cyber, PR, Media

350 Action - Climate Name Change - Barton F Graf 9000, New York

The World Meteorological Organisation gives extreme storms people's names - Katrina, Sandy etc. 350 Action asked people to sign a petition to get them to name hurricanes and typhoons after the policy-makers who deny climate change.

Media, Integrated

Lego - Launching the Lego Movie Ad Break - PHD

Cyber, Media, PR, Direct, Branded Content, Titanium

Sweetie - Terre des Hommes - Lemz, Amstersdam

Top Picks: Pete Galmes

Creative Director Whybin\TBWA, Sydney

Cyber, Branded Content, Integrated Direct, Promo, Innovation, Titanium

Tourism Victoria - Remote Control Tourist Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Four tourists in Melbourne were equipped with bicycles, GPS backpacks, handheld computers and with live-streaming cameras. At www.remotecontroltourist. com, potential visitors to Melbourne could explore the city through these four people. (Case history in Directory 29)


Suntory - 3D on the Rocks


Young and Well CRC - Appreciate A Mate - ZUNI, Australia

To combat cyber bullying, the app encourages and allows people to send customised messages of appreciation to each other.

Cyber, Film

Harvey Nichols - Sorry, I spent it on myself campaign - Adam&Eve DDB, London |

A viral ad, in which people give incredibly cheap gifts to their nearest and dearest at Christmas.

Promo, Direct, PR, Outdoor

Christchurch Tourism - Christchurch: Repaired with Gold - TBWA\Whybin Sydney

Items that had been broken in the Christchurch earthquake were mended using gold. Then an exhibition of the repaired artworks and chinaware was held.

Top Picks: Bechara Mouzannar

Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett MENA

TV and Film, Branded Content, Cyber, Integrated

Volvo Trucks - Van Damme - Forsman & Bodenfors

Promo, Direct, PR, Cyber

Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants - Bentley Burial - Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Sao Paulo

When a Brazilian millionaire declared on Facebook he was going to bury his car as the pharaohs buried their treasures, Brazil was outraged. He called a press conference and declared it was no more stupid than millions of people going to their graves without having donated their organs.


Haynes Baked Beans - Not for Astronauts - Cinesite

Visual effects Cinesite made the fake commercial for non-existent brand Haynes to demonstrate their skills.

Promo, Direct, Cyber, PR, Branded Content

The MIMI Foundation - If Only For A Second - Leo Burnett Paris

20 cancer victims were asked to keep their eyes shut while they were given extravagant makeovers. Then they opened their eyes and for a moment they forgot about their illnesses.

Thunderclap - DE-DE New York/~~Droga5 New York

Top Picks: David Bell

Executive Creative Director Mercer Bell, Sydney

In many ways 'Dumb Ways To Die' made our lives so much easier last year, because everyone from clients, fellow award judges and our peers used it as the outstanding creative benchmark. I sat in at least two juries where the judges didn't even review the DWTD entry to at least judge it in context of the awards criteria or even the category. As far as I can see there is no DWTD this year and we are all going to have to consider what will win gold with far greater scrutiny. So for what it's worth, here is just a selection of work in the Direct & Cyber Cats that I think will be considered for gold this year.


Magic of Flying - British Airways - OgilvyOne, London

Truly beautiful advertising, executed with style and brains. And a call to action, which sent you to a page which closed the loop and offered cheap flights from as little as £39 one-way. Nice one, BA.

You know when you're onto something when copycats start appearing. british-airways-magic-of-flying-billboard_b79007

Road to Recovery - Bundaberg Rum Leo Burnett Sydney

A big brand to the rescue. This inspired campaign is strategically sensitive, wonderfully executed and beautifully art directed in every element, right down to the customised labels on the bottles.

The city of Bundaberg - was hit by catastrophic flooding. Bundaberg Rum distilled a special rum called 'Road to Recovery', each named after the 171 streets which had been inundated. The bottles could only be bought on March 16th - from the distillery - in Bundaberg. Over 6,000 people made the pilgrimage, bringing some $2.5m to the struggling local economy. - All the rum sold out.


The Results Don't Lie - The Effe Awards Whybin\TBWA Auckland

Perhaps the toughest audience for anyone in advertising to sell to. Ourselves.

The sell job has been done powerfully in 'The results don't lie'. Oh how rare to see honesty and truth in modern advertising.

Top ECDs in New Zealand were interviewed about their award-winning work while taking a lie-detector test. The results suggested not all of them were entirely truthful about their work. The actual polygraph tests were mailed out to encourage entries to The Effies, the one award show where the results have to be real.


Fundawear - Durex Australia - Havas Worldwide, Sydney

Sex in advertising and technology what a winning combo!

Durex created 'wired' underwear which allowed lovers to connect by sending touch to each other via their mobile phones, tickling and teasing each other though a thousand miles apart.

Hutchwilco - Secret Fishing Spots - DDBNZ

This is my roughie. Secret Fishing Spots may not win gold in 2014 but I really like this campaign for its brutal honesty and no nonsense approach talking to an audience of hardy fishermen, in a million years they would never reveal their secrect fishing spot even if it might saves their lives. Until now.

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