Curing Homesickness

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF)

Issue 52 | September 2019


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July 2019


50% of hospitalised children suffer from moderate to severe levels of homesickness, which can lead to social and behavioural problems.

Rather than focus on a specific medical condition, Sydney Children’s Hospital hoped that focusing on the emotional well-being of sick children could be a fundraising initiative that would benefit all Australian hospitals.


In a unique collaboration, A-list celebrities including Rose Byrne and NRL sports stars joined brands like Coles, Disney, Assembly Label, Pasta Pantry and eBay to create a social movement around ‘Mum’s Sause’. This was launched with a film about a young girl in hospital, Ali, who pines for her mum’s pasta sauce. Her brother snaps her hand-written note and posts it online. It becomes an internet sensation.

Ali’s story is fictionalised but it represents the homesickness experienced by hundreds of thousands of kids every year.

Coles manufactured and started selling Mum’s Sause in July 2019, donating 50 cents from every jar sold to Australian hospitals.

Assembly Label made special t-shirts, Disney ran special screenings, Pasta Pantry donated parts of their menus. The money raised will pay for research and equipment to help children get well faster. Because the only real cure for homesickness is going home.

Donated media on TV, online, in cinemas and out of home launched the idea of ‘Mum’s Sause’.


Within two weeks, 26.7 million people had been reached with PR generating 640 stories.

Our Thoughts

The intriguing part of this campaign is how deliberately blurred the lines are between what is real and what isn’t. The film, which twangs the heartstrings, shows real Channel 9 newsreaders and features real celebs (Rose Byrne, Lee Lin Chin, Hamish Blake, G Flip, Mia Freedman) in the hope that life may imitate art and social media will give the campaign traction.

Today, when brands are constantly being told they need a purpose, finding that purpose isn’t all that easy. Congratulations to all involved for creating a partnership of very different businesses united by the one intention of helping improve healthcare.

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