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Issue 50 | February 2019


Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

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December 2018


DrinkWise had been running the “How To Drink Properly” campaign since 2014. Rather than wagging a finger at young Australians, it used cutting humour to encourage them to drink “classily” by moderating their alcohol intake to a responsible level. If they drank too much, they could do damage to their own well-crafted personal brand.


One topic that always struck a chord was the social risk of getting too drunk and harming those all-important relationships with your mates or prospective partners.

39% of drinkers saw ‘making a fool of myself’ as the biggest risk of excessive drinking, on a par with short-term health effects, vomiting and not functioning the next day.

The strategy was to interrupt young Aussies with a reminder about the risks to their reputation while they were actually out drinking. In the lead-up to the oft-regretted Christmas Party season, curiously empty plinths were scattered around key drinking precincts of Melbourne.

Scanning the codes on these revealed in graphic detail Augmented Reality statues of “Anna’s Xmas Party Projectile: and “Pete’s Piss-Headery”.


634 individual media impacts across TV, online news, radio and traditional press with an estimated audience reach of just under 4 million Aussies.

Over 6,500 site visitors, each looking at an average of three different videos. The majority of website visits occurred on Thursday to Saturday between 7pm – 12am.

90% of the audience believed that it was an important message for DrinkWise to make.

Our Thoughts

The endline to the videos describes a terrible truth, that once something has been posted up on the web, it’s very, very difficult to get it removed. Jon Ronson’s book “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” tells some of the ghastly stories of how the internet likes to give anyone who’s down a good kicking.

This campaign is trying to help young Australians avoid being cold-shouldered by their mates, avoid getting pilloried by strangers and avoid losing their jobs simply because they overdid it on the booze once.

Incidentally, creating the statues in AR is not only an inexpensive way of getting to the target audience at exactly the right place and at the right time (hopefully) but completely appropriate. To scan the empty plinth, they’d have to get out their mobile phones. Perhaps the brain might then make the connection that the mobile phone with its camera can, in the hands of others, all too easily be the instrument of their humiliation.

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