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Spring in a tin


Issue 44 | September 2017



Creative Team

Creative Director Antony Puttick Art Director Lola Adebayo Copy Natalie Littlewood Design Sonya Cong Hau

Production Team

Production Account Manager, London Daniella Brown Senior Account Executive, Dublin Nicola Kenny


April 2017


In December 2016 Epsilon had sent their clients at Google a DM piece that championed originality, inspired creativity, and won an award. In Spring 2017, it was time to do it all again.

What could they send clients to inspire creativity, promote the partnership and bring a bit of fun to their clients' days?


Epsilon sent existing and potential clients 'A Box Full of Potential'.

It housed all the ingredients to create a rustic desktop garden, including grass, a watering can, a pot, soil and basil seeds. And of course, a hipster gnome decal that Googlers could stick on their laptops.

Since office plants officially boost well-being, the DM served real purpose - as well as being a great example of how Epsilon could help their clients grow together.


As the basil seeds were planted so was the desire to win. Growing competitions between teams sprang up, making Epsilon's gift the talking point of the floor.

On a more serious note, it also helped Epsilon take a step towards being recognised for creativity and originality.

The desk gardens continued to grow and the gnomes appeared on laptops around Google, letting Epsilon's name live on long after the last basil leaf.

Our Thoughts

In these turbulent times, it behoves agencies to hang on to their clients by any means they can. It is amazing how little time and effort many agencies put into retaining their clients (apart from the traditional Christmas party) especially when you consider how expensive it is to attract new business. So full marks to Epsilon for making sure all their clients at Google, the junior as well as the senior, felt they were getting the love. More than that, the mailing is also a gentle hint that Epsilon is capable of a lot more than they are being asked to do.

Full marks also for not falling victim to the creative constraint that dictates Googlers can only be engaged online. Googlers are people too and people, by and large, respond well to ideas that involve and engage whether they be analogue or digital.

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