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Issue 28 | September 2013

Usually, the issue after the Cannes Festival is fairly lean. In the past we have even had to accept work which won Lions, though we try to publish only campaigns that are fresh off the layout pad.

This time round we have been swamped with great work from around the world.

If only all the agencies who send us stuff also subscribed!!

The only Cannes winner we have selected for this issue is on pages 98-99, Ogilvy Amsterdam’s ‘Why wait until it’s too late?’ campaign for insurance company Dela. It won the Grand Prix in Media and it is here for no other reason than I personally think it is wonderful. And what’s the point of being an Editor

if you can’t be outrageously biased from time to time?

My informers tell me that Darre van Dijk, the creative director behind the work, spent several years shepherding this through from concept to execution. So bravo to him for tenacity.

I am also told (by someone who didn’t win a Lion) that the awards submission video is better than the campaign itself.

All I know is that it is the first awards video that brought tears to my eyes.

Around the world in 40 campaigns

As well as work from the Netherlands, we have been sent work from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the USA.

On pages 13-19, we also have some of the best Direct Marketing from Denmark in the past year, the winners of the 2013 DM Prisen awards.

All in all, 140 campaigns were submitted. Whittling them down to just 40 has been very hard.

The initial ‘Definitely In’ list comprised 60 different pieces of work. 

As always, we do make mistakes.

I cannot believe we did not include Kolle Rebbe’s fabulous ‘Tea Calendar’ for Hälssen & Lyon Tea Company in Directory 27. Still, it won a Design Lion, which we were pleased to see.

So, if your work has not made it into Directory 28, apologies. But the standards are getting higher and higher with every issue we print. Which leads us to hope that the standards of creativity in direct are getting higher across the board too. 

Some thank-you’s

Thank you to the 120 agencies who submitted work for this issue.

Thank you to everyone who has renewed their subscription to Directory in the last three months.

Thank you to our newest subscribers, Ruby Lampard at The Blue Group, Shirley Lai at Cossette, Vancouver, Sophie Charles of Beta, London, Roland Rudolf of Cheil, Germany, Steve Paler of Google NACE, Ben Silcox at Havas EHS, London, Fredric Alqvist of Smicker, Stockholm, and Danish Post, who gave subscriptions as prizes to Friisbee Reklamabyro and Ogilvy, Copenhagen.

As always, thank you to James Henderson at Brilliant Path for the design. And to Warwick Leicester for uploading
it all to the website and making it look good.

Thanks to everyone at Typecast. And, of course, to Dorte and Julie for keeping the show on the road.

Cannes in 5 flavours

Thank you also to Phil Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, Emma de la Fosse, ECD of OgilvyOne London, Logan Wilmont, ECD of Cheil London and Chris Arnold, Founder of Creative Orchestra and author of ‘Ethical Marketing and the New Consumer’.

They were the speakers at the Second Directory Chatterbash at The Groucho Club. The topic, Cannes in Five Flavours.

Five speakers, each with about 15 minutes to give the audience his and her perspective on this year’s Festival.

Phil told us the Lions are now worth about a billion Euros to the town of Cannes.

Emma told us being a Direct juror was damned hard work. Logan told us how you need a strategy and a plan to win a Lion.

And Chris stuck to the 15-minute limit and gave us his wry observations on the price of a beer on the Croisette.

My own thoughts on this year’s Festival are on the next couple of pages.

Coming up

Next on the agenda, 5 takes on What You Need to Be a Top Creative Director. Five creative luminaries reveal how they scaled the heights of adland. 

We will film the event and share it with our readers abroad.

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