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PETA Deutschland E.V

Issue 29 | January 2014


PETA launched one of its largest ever undertakings: an online petition to achieve a ban on wild animals in circuses. Developed and realised by Hamburg agency Grabarz & Partner, a documentary film entitled Tyke2014 focuses the spotlight on the systemic cruelty to animals in circuses. At the same time, a broad campaign will draw attention to one of the largest petitions that has ever existed for the protection of animals.

PETA intends to reach an ambitious goal by 2014: 500,000 names are required in the online petition to demonstrate the clear will of the people to the federal government.

'There has been no improvement in the situation for wild animals in circuses over the past 20 years,' says Harald Ullmann, vice chairman of PETA Germany. 'We are appealing to everyone who cares about animals to sign the online petition and work with PETA to achieve a ban on wild animals.'

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