BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH

Issue 40 | September 2016


It was 20 years ago that Germany beat the Czech football team 2:1 at the legendary Wembley Stadium to become European football champions. As a supporter of Germany’s hopes of winning the title again, BURGER KING® has brought the winning spirit of 1996 into the year 2016. To do so, BURGER KING® acquired a section of the original Wembley turf used in Euro 1996 and grew lettuce, tomatoes and onions on it, to create the unique Mannschafts-WHOPPER® full of the energy of the famous winners’ pitch for true fans. The Mannschafts- WHOPPER® was made just 96 times! And a handful of lucky people was able to savour the limited- edition Mannschafts-WHOPPER® at an exclusive event that was held in Berlin on 21st of June 2016. The event featured former national football player Thomas Helmer, who stood on the Wembley Stadium pitch for Germany in 1996, sports commentator Wolf-Dieter Poschmann and the well-known YouTube stars KSFreakWhatelse and KrappiWhatelse. BURGER KING® guests and fans won admission to the event and tried one of the 96 Mannschafts-WHOPPER® burgers.

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