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States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Issue 36 | September 2015


AMERICA HAS A GUN PROBLEM. Every year, 30,000 Americans are killed with guns. GUN SALES ARE SKYROCKETING. AMERICANS THINK GUNS = SAFETY. A record-high 63% of Americans believed having a gun in the home made it a safer place to be. BUT, STUDIES SHOWED THAT MORE GUNS = MORE DEATH. Research showed that owning a gun actually increased the risk of death & injury. STATES UNITED TO PREVENT GUN VIOLENCE (SUPGV) STRIVES TO REDUCE GUN-RELATED DEATH AND INJURY. For over 15 years, SUPGV, a small, non-profit organization, has worked to make Americans safer through education, advocacy, and legislation. They aim to bring the impact of gun violence to the attention of political leaders, the public and media. SUPGV'S SPECIFIC GOAL Get first-time gun buyers who want a gun for "safety" to think twice about the protection it brings by highlighting the potential risks and unpredictable outcomes that can result.

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