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Issue 52 | September 2019


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Executive Creative Director: Laura Florence Copywriter: Laura Florence, Monica Tritone Art Director: Gabriela Guerra, Fran Ther

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Production Manager: Tatiana Torres Operations Manager: Joatan Jamilton Project Manager: Elaine Teixeira dos Santos Production Film Company: Damasco Filmes Film Director: Carolina Delgado Singer, Composer: Mali´a

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COO: Daniel Martins Managing Director: Ze´ Roberto Business and Relationship Director: Ingrid Bachmann Planning Manager: Paula Candido Planning Director: Utymo Oliveira Planning Supervisor: Deyse Albiach Branco Media Manager: Paola Bastos Business Intelligence Analyst: Marcio Donizetti


June 2019


In Brazil, one woman is raped every ten minutes. 600,000 women were estimated to have been victims of rape in 2017 alone, often as the result of date rape drugs.

Victims seldom report the violation because they are unable to recall what happened and the drug is not detectable in the body after a short period.


The drugs that are used to spike a drink do not affect its smell, look or flavour but the University of Bahia identified a solution. Universal Music partnered with the university to produce a nail sticker named ‘Desperta’, which loosely translates as ‘Watch Out’ in English.

Discreetly dipped into a doped drink for five seconds, the sticker changes colour.

To raise awareness of the problem and the solution, Universal Music recruited one of its new stars, Mali´a, to record a song and make a video demonstrating how Desperta works.


The video became #1 on Universal Music’s YouTube channel.

More than a million people were reached. 60% of people tagged someone.

Our Thoughts

This is an interesting one here. It’s actually a B to B campaign, not that it looks like it. The technology is terrific and a solution to a very unpleasant problem. The question is, who’s going to pay for it to be made widely available to young women? This campaign is aimed at brand owners, to get them to invest in the university’s technology, with Universal Music collaborating while promoting a new artist on the back of it. Elsewhere in Directory 52 we’ve talked about brands with purpose and surely protecting women from predators is a good purpose for a major brand to espouse? Schweppes gave us the ‘Dress for Respect’ (Directory 47). Maybe they would like to sponsor the Star of Truth?

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