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Election Insurance


Issue 39 | June 2016


As “Insurance for the Modern World,” Esurance is a brand that understands the kind of social conversations people are having today – whether it’s through events like the Super Bowl or even a popular “holiday” like April Fools’ Day, the brand recognizes the value of participating in these relevant, timely conversations and cultural moments. With 28% of voters considering a move to Canada should the “wrong" candidate win the presidency, Esurance created “Election Insurance."

Wanting a fun way to raise awareness of its real-life home insurance policies, Esurance tapped Leo Burnett Chicago to create an April Fools Day stunt that would grab the attention of people across the nation. On April 1, (April Fools Day), Esurance became the first insurance company to offer home protection to US voters for the next four years while they wait out the next presidential term abroad. 

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