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Commercial Brake


Issue 48 | December 2018


A familiar scenario as insight for the idea. Everyone can identify with this. You and your friends or family are snuggled up on the sofa as you binge watch, and you fast-forward through commercial breaks so that you can see more of your actual show. But you’re slow to stop fast-forwarding and end up having to rewind. It’s highly irritating and affects viewing satisfaction. The Commercial Brake offers a solution to this modern-day problem. With this campaign, mortierbrigade capitalises on a scenario familiar throughout living rooms. It demonstrates the fact that the ‘classic’ TV advertising break still offers plenty of creative opportunities. The campaign has been developed in conjunction with SBS and will air on Vier from 24 April, just before famous primetime shows. Every show will have its own unique commercial, making the ‘brake’ notification even more relevant. This campaign is doubly intelligent, because it conveys a fully-coherent message and offers viewers an actual solution: “The Kia Niro. Always brake in time thanks to the autonomous emergency brake system.”

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