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Nissan Twitter Test Tracks

Nissan Canada

Issue 49 | December 2018


Juniper Park\TBWA Communications

Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer Graham Lang Associate Creative Directors Damon Crate, TJ Arch

Production Team

Editor Natalie Trivino Editor/Animator Max Parr Content Producer Georgia Morris Editor Laura Menheere

Other Credits

VP, Group Account Director Adam Lang Account Director Michael Sampson Director of Planning Brett McDonald Social Content Writer Christopher Fletcher Community Manager Chantal Legge


August 2018


Nissan Canada was looking for a way to target a younger audience for the launch of their new vehicle, the Nissan KICKS.

A custom Nissan KICKS Twitter emoji was created with the hashtag #NissanKICKS, and the challenge was to launch the emoji in an engaging way to help amplify the vehicle on social media.


The KICKS is a fun car for a younger audience, the kind of audience that would be turned on for the MMVAs, one of Canada’s biggest music award shows.The task was to engage and interact with fans, who were tweeting with the MMVA hashtag by adding a little bit more fun. They were invited to tweet using the all-new Nissan KICKS emoji.

Their challenge to the Twitter audience was to create custom tracks for the KICKS to conquer, using only the 240 characters available in a tweet. And the magic happened when their tweet was replied to with a video animation of the KICKS taking on their test track.


In just under 12 hours, 6.61 million trend impressions were earned, 2.14 million tweet impressions, 1.4 million video views, and a 64.64% view rate.

Customised animated tracks were created for each tweeter in three hours. Leading to a 1.35% engagement rate.

Our Thoughts

This is a car made for music lovers with its hi-fi sound system so the association with the music awards looks a no-brainer.

Personally, I’ve always thought tweeting at a gig is risky. So easy to drop your phone in all the action. Still, it doesn’t stop people from wanting to let everyone else know where they are and what a great time they’re having. Very clever of Nissan to insert themselves into the event and become a part of the moment, turning all the tweets into unique, shareable videos, which then became memories of a great night.

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