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Love Matters India/Development Consortium

Issue 48 | September 2018


SITUATION: In a country like India, where patriarchy is deeply entrenched, being a woman is not easy. Being openly lesbian, is almost impossible. What’s even worse is that for decades, porn has over-sexualized the perception of what lesbian relationships stand for. It is hardly surprising what a Google image search for lesbian shows up - smooching, petting, kissing… Moreover, social stigma has resulted in little to no representation of lesbians. Members of the community are not accepted for who they are, and relationships are often looked down upon. Love Matters (India) - a platform fighting for sexual rights and gender equality, sought to address this. BRIEF: To tackle homophobia against lesbians and lesbian relationships. OBJECTIVES: • Normalise lesbian relationships and create positive narratives that help build understanding and acceptance of lesbians and their relationships. • Give visibility to lesbians, who have practically no representation even within India's LGBTQ+ community.

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