Mail & Door Drops

‘On a plate’

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

Issue 2 | July 2008


Online shopping is a relatively loyalty-free category. Unrestricted by the proximity of a local store, customers are free to shop where they want. They are often driven by price and incentives, or only order bulky and functional items. As a retailer whose brand is built on inspiring food, Sainsbury's knew it had to change the rules of this game if it was to compete effectively. Sainsbury's home grocery shopping service had recently been relaunched to make the whole experience easier and more inspiring for the consumer. Every aspect of Sainsbury's shopping now deliverered the new brand thought - 'Try Something New Today'. Proximity London’s brief was to leverage the new brand to create an emotional, rather than a purely functional or price-led, relationship with Sainsbury's online, and so to reduce attrition in the face of competitor offers.

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