La Forêt. The first TV series where anyone can bet on the murderer’s identity.

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Issue 46 | March 2018


Publicis Conseil, Paris

Creative Team

Creative Executive Creative Directors Fabrice Delacourt, Olivier Desmettre Copywriter Kevin Salembier Art Director Julien Boissinot Art Direction Support Alexandre Perdereau, Mathias Quintin

Production Team

Production Digital Production Gwladys Woimant, Mohamed Sqalli Tech&digital strategy adviser Guillaume Cartigny Producer, Elysian Fields Gael Cheval

Other Credits

Other Account Managers Caroline Darmon, Lou Leproux, Anne-Sophie Rudas Social Media Marie Sloutchansky Client Client Managers Nilou Soyeux, Philippe Deloeuvre, Eric Rinaldi, Laurent Sauvage, Amélie Séchet, Ralph Hippocrate Winamax Technical Team Alexandre Roos, Christophe Schaming, Mathieu Porri


November 2017


La Forêt was a new TV series on France 3 that told the story of a small and quiet village in the Ardennes. When a sixteen-year old girl disappeared in the forest in the middle of the night, Captain Gaspard Deker, formerly in the military, was sent to lead the investigation with Virginie Musso, the local police officer. Soon enough, the leads all multiplied and one after another the villagers became listed as suspects.


In an exclusive partnership with betting platform Winamax, La Forêt was the first TV series where anyone could bet on the identity of the murderer.

In an interactive campaign, the odds on the many suspects appeared on-screen when they did. The odds were in a constant flux, changing as the plot developed and as the characters became more or less suspicious.

The series of six episodes could be watched and bets placed live at

Players were directed to the site through a national outdoor campaign.


Results not yet available.

Our Thoughts

How many times have you sat in front of the telly and said, "I bet it was him/her wot done it..."

Finally someone has listened and is allowing the punters to really bet on it.


Firstly, it makes television hip and modern (and no, television isn't dead, not by a long chalk) by acknowledging that most people already interact with TV from a second screen. But, secondly, it makes the series sound interesting and worth watching.

So, it's an idea that hits three birds with one stone. First, it's advertising television, the medium. Second, it's advertising France 3, the channel. Third, it is advertising "La Forêt", the programme. And doing a pretty good job for all three.

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