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ICM – The Brain And Spine Institute

Issue 27 | July 2013


In France, Alzheimer's disease and illnesses of the brain and spinal cord affect 1 in 8 people. Faced with this, it is important not only to react and to show what the consequences of these illnesses can be, but also to make people conscious of the fact that they don't just happen to others. By donating to the ICM you will be providing research workers with the wherewithal to find cures for them.

Publicis Conseil, ICM's long-time partner, has designed advertising displays, focusing on an appeal for donations and seeking to create personal awareness among as many people as possible. The campaign is intended to shock and to question, the opposite of customary appeals for donations, making no bones of the fact that the afflicted will not be thanking those who give and with good reason, because their illnesses prevent them from doing so.

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