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Samsung Galaxy S9 Cinema Selfie


Issue 49 | December 2018


Leo Burnett Tailor Made

Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer Marcelo Reis VP, ECD Wilson Mateos Creative Directors Pedro Utzeri, Vinícius Stanzione Art Directors Breno Balbino, Ivan Loos Copywriters Fabio Nagano, Henrique Zirpoli

Production Team

Agency Producers Maria Fernanda Moura, Dudi Ciampolini Bourroul Editors, Motion Designers Chrystian Danucalov, Jack La Noyée, Matheus Basílio

Other Credits

Account Team Fabio Brito, Mariana Nunes, Raphael Chiorino, Olivia Tornelli Media Team Andrea Hirata, Heloisa Goldman, Alexandre Suzuki, Thais Miranda, Marcelo Akagi, Leonardo Tocca Motion Vetor Zero Production Company Gogacine Director Douglas Aguillar Photographer Fran Landhin Producer Adriano Gobbi Media Flix Media Team Adriana Cacace, Diego Villalba, Giselle Peres, Ingrid Rocha




When the Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in Brazil in mid-2018, its big feature was its ability to take brilliant photos in the dark.

The challenge was to demonstrate its superior picture quality.


To prove the credentials of the new camera, a Galaxy S9 was positioned at the front of the cinema, facing the audience.

Without their awareness, it took pictures of them watching the screen with the lights completely off. Then, to their surprise, the picture of them was revealed in real time within the Galaxy S9 ad demonstrating the remarkable quality of the camera.



Our Thoughts

While we see the rise and rise of branded content, as and when you have a captive audience, there is still a role for the good old-fashioned, product-centric advertisement. Especially when you’re launching a new device and want to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

This is a classic demo ad, but involving the cinema audience in a way that every single one of them would both notice and remember.

Brazil was the third most awarded country at Cannes Lions in 2018.

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