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Tesalia CBC

Issue 57 | December 2020


BBDO Ecuador

Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer Oscar Muñoz Executive Creative Director Lupas Celis Copywriters Vicente Concha, Eduardo Hernandez, Yamir Zuñiga Art directors Karen Cedeño, Daniel Chonillo

Production Team

Agency Producer Christopher Valdiviezo Production House TITAN

Other Credits

Account Director Silvia Intriago Account Executive Jonathan Valencia Digital Planner Javier Velasquez Client Brand Manager PepsiCo Vanessa Uscocovich Brand Manager Picker Claudia Herrera Brand Manager Tesalia CBC Rafael Pera


April 2020


In Ecuador, more than 500,000 workers were laid off during the pandemic, irrespective of their age, profession or social status.

As home delivery of food and drink, including Pepsi, increased exponentially, lawyers, teachers, electricians, even Ph.D professionals found themselves becoming delivery bikers


In a collaboration between BBDO Ecuador, Pepsi and Picker, one of Ecuador’s biggest delivery service platforms, the Picker app was modified to promote its messengers’ experiences and skills. It showed the messenger’s profession, years of experience and phone number in order to be hired for a job, if needed.


200 messengers have joined in on the new option with more applying. Reception to the idea by the public as well as by messengers was overwhelmingly positive. What began as a campaign of limited duration was extended indefinitely.

Our Thoughts

Many brands are trying to be optimistic in the pandemic. Inevitably their messages tend to be generalised, along the lines of “the new normal can be a better normal.” This is the first instance, I think, of a brand addressing those people whose lives have been catastrophically affected. Here’s Pepsi and Picker giving people back some vestiges of their dignity. It’s an idea about respect that suggests, ironically, that many of us would be happy to go back to the old normal.

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