The uniform that never existed


Issue 60 | September 2021


The year is 1964, a challenging political period in Brazil, but the beginning of one of the greatest sporting legacies in the country, followed by Aída dos Santos. A poor black woman, she was the first Brazilian athlete to participate in the Tokyo Games, in the midst of an all-male delegation. Raised in a community in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Aída went alone to the other side of the planet without money or coach, nor did she have a uniform to compete. No structure or support. But, contrary to all estimates, he made history and came back with fourth place in the high jump, the best individual result for a Brazilian athlete for over 30 years. Shedding light on this journey so important and, at the same time, extremely difficult and still little recognized, the Centauro honors Aida with “The uniform that never existed”.

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