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Issue 59 | June 2021


VCCP London

Creative Team

Executive Creative Director Darren Bailes Creative Director Chris Birch, Jonny Parker Creatives Ben Evans, Adam Sears

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Deputy Head of Creative Production Jon Dewart Head of Integrated Production Ryan O'Kane Senior Producer Ben Waters Executive Producer Greta Wynn Davies Producer Frank Hanrahan Production Manager Joe Fathers

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Group Planning Director Oliver Waterstone Planning Director Alex Grieves Planner Luke Alexander-Grose Business Director Matt Smith Senior Account Director Charlie Griffith Account Manager Laura Osorio Head of Social & Influence Nicky Palamarczuk Senior Strategist VCCP Kin Rob Estreitinho


Late 2020


Cadbury Heroes were positioned as chocolates to share, unlocking little connections within families.

This was a particular challenge for families with teens, who tend to grow apart as they get older and become more independent.


Cadbury Heroes launched the world’s first esports tournament for parents.

Kids spent time with their parents, teaching them for once: how to play Street Fighter. It was a way for parents and their teens to reconnect over something they both enjoyed - gaming and a box of Cadbury Heroes chocolates. It turned out that parents loved hadoukens, flying cross chops and spinning bird kicks. And hanging out with their kids.

The Cadbury Heroes League was an online tournament where famous gamers trained up their parents to compete with other parents in an epic Street Fighter battle.

The finals were streamed on Twitch, for the world to see. Yes, parents on Twitch.


Radio Partnership: 10m on-air impact.

OOH: 39.6m reached across the UK.

Paid Social: 374k link clicks across all social media platforms.

114m Impressions on YouTube.

FB Brand Lift Study: 5.6% uplift in ad recall.

Our Thoughts

The way this campaign worked was ads drove people to watch short (and funny) videos of the star content creators coaching their elders. Naturally, the mums and nans were cack handed so any teenager checking out the campaign would have a laugh. It was livestreamed on Twitch and (for the older folks) on Facebook. It would be nice to see this widened out to a national competition rather than just a few influencers. It also seems to be part of a bigger (and lovely) idea about Heroes ‘purpose’ being to reunite families if the Biker Dad video on YouTube is anything to go by. Looking forward to more in this rich vein.

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