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Issue 50 | February 2019


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January 2019


Children are spending an increasing amount of time glued to screens of one sort and another. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) has warned that children desperately need more free time to ignite their imaginations and develop a sense of wonder.

The back seat of a car on a family trip is where children used to look out of the window and let their imaginations wander into imaginary worlds. All too often today, however, they are sucked into screens and disconnected from what actually surrounds them.


‘Snelweg Sprookjes’ (which translates as Road Tales) was a free app developed for children between 4 and 11 years-old.

It was a location-based audiobook app, which created unique stories in response to the places, buildings and objects the car passed by. For this to happen, every highway in Holland was scanned, and every bridge, windmill, tree, petrol station and item of interest turned into elements within the stories.

Written with the help of some of the country’s top writers of children’s books, every road had a different story to tell.

Every journey became an experience that connected the online and offline worlds, enabling children to explore their fantasies.

All they had to do was listen and let their imaginations transform their surroundings.



Our Thoughts

We live in a world of paradox. While mobile devices connect us to everyone and to everything, our children become increasingly isolated. Mark Zuckerberg has written an open letter to his daughter about why she must play outside. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both limited the amount of time their kids spent playing with technology.

Now here’s tech providing an answer to the alternative realities that tech has created.

Road Tales offer a kind of mixed reality, in which fantastic stories are rooted in the real world. Now the car window can become a portal through which the imagination is set free.

All good stuff, and I use the word good carefully because what we see here is VW doing what it can to patch up its reputation.

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