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If you'd like your work showcased in the next issue of Directory, submit it here. Submission is FREE and selected campaigns are published in both the publication and on the website. Our intention is to make brilliant work look brilliant. That's why we use only the most expensive paper. And why we've spent a fortune on the website. Once in Directory, your work gets seen by many of the world's top creative directors and by an increasing number of marketing directors.

But getting in ain't easy.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, says every agency Finance Director should insist work is submitted to Directory. It would save a fortune on awards entries because if it can't get in, it won't win.

Submit innovative campaigns (Direct Mail, Digital/Mobile, Ambient/Interactive Outdoor, Print (If has some innovation), Integrated or Innovation) from the last five months that you have high hopes for at future award shows. We need some, individual, high resolution JPEGs or screen grabs which tell the story of the campaign (not the board), plus any campaign films/movies as .mov or .mp4.