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Live Harvest


Issue 42 | March 2017



Air Partner of McCann

Creative Team

Executive Creative Director Eric Hollander Creative Directors Dieter De Ridder Joeri Van den Broeck Creatives Sophie De Plecker Joris Luyten

Production Team

Digital Producer Greg Pin Video Production & CDN Delivery B-Stream Online Media Initiative Head of Digital Yann Balbaert Web Developer Olivier De Smet

Other Credits

Client contacts Aude Mayence Talia Hendlisz Account Director Dominique Liebermann


September 2016


All shoppers want to buy fresh fruit and vegetables but how fresh is fresh?

Delhaize, the Belgian supermarket chain, wanted to prove to its customers that when they said the produce they sold was "local" and "fresh" it really was local and fresh.


122 digital billboards across Belgium showed the short journey of local pears from orchard to supermarket in real time, showcasing not only the freshness of the pears but also the strong collaboration between Delhaize and local fruit growers.

Supported by a national banner campaign, everyone was able to watch the pear harvest live for one day in the picking season, with the message: 'Harvested today, tomorrow in your Delhaize,'


The campaign generated an increase in store traffic of 10% compared to the same period the previous year.

During the campaign, customers bought an average of 30% more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Average sales in the fresh fruit & vegetables section rose by 9%

Our Thoughts

We tend to think of live broadcasting as being something that happens on TV or YouTube rather than on a billboard. But here’s a programme brought live to Belgians from a field near their hometown. It’s a wonderful demonstration of a product claim (fresh) and at a time when we read a lot about artificially shiny apples treated with 1-methylcyclopropene lasting for a year in cold storage, it is also a demonstration of Delhaize’s commitment to its customers before its accountants.


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