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EPICA Awards 2009 - Bank Transfer Job-Ad

Bank Transfer Job-Ad

Issue 14 | March 2010


DraftFCB Vienna

Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer: Brnd Fliesser, Executive Creative Director: Patrik Partl, Creative Director: Rita-Maria Spielvogel, Art Director: Julia Blocher, Copywriters: Markus Rieser, Elisabeth Gl├╝ck

Production Team

Finance Department


DraftFCB was looking for an accountant to help manage the finances of their agencies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


The agency created a completely new medium in the credit transfer, transferring 1 Euro to other agencies using online money transfer systems which eagle-eyed accountants would spot.

The posting line of the transfer was used to spell out details of the job offer.


There s a 60% response rate and some extremely high-calibre applications which led to the hiring of a great new person in the finance department.

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