EPICA Awards 2009 - The Navigation Letter

Issue 14 | March 2010


DDB Berlin

Creative Team

Creative Directors: Birgit ven den Valentyn, Tim Stübane, Art Director: Ali Alexander, Copywriter: Anke Röll, Art Director: Wulf Rechtacek, Account Director: Silke Lagodny

Production Team

Volkswagen Navigation Systems


About 300,000 letters are mailed out from VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. Every envelope offered an opportunity to talk to recipients about VW’s satellite navigation systems.


Custom-made software was installed which recognized whenever an envelope was about to be printed. It identified the address in MS Word and then connected through to Google Maps.

The route the letter would have to take by road from Wolfsburg to its destination was mapped and then turned into a line. It was scaled and rotated to fit the envelope’s shape and automatically printed.


The clickthrough to navigation increased by 12%.

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