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Diageo Singapore Pte Ltd

Issue 5 | July 2008


As the title sponsor of the Guinness 9-Ball Tour, Guinness needed to own pool. Pool and Guinness had to be linked in a way that created maximum buzz and impact among the brand's target audience, whilst simultaneously raising awareness of the ongoing Guinness 9-Ball Tour. The main objective was to promote a passion for pool and establish its link with Guinness, but another was to drive Guinness membership recruitment. Pool suffered from low interest, and was perceived as old and uncool. It needed a 21st Century update to reach Guinness' Internet-savvy target audience. Among this group, online games aren't top-of-mind. Their main online interests are chatting, emailing, and using social networking sites. Online advertising is viewed with suspicion. These obstacles had to be overcome in order to engage this group in an online pool challenge.

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