The Directory Big Won creative rankings 2010

Issue 18 | March 2011

And the winner is…a staircase

Ten years ago, if someone had told me that the most garlanded campaigns of 2010 would include a signpost, a telephone box and a staircase I would have thought they were on drugs. But that’s what has happened. The No.1 campaign in The Directory Big Won creative rankings across all media is Farfar’s ‘World’s Biggest Signpost’ for Nokia. 4th equal is Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‘Teletransporter’ for Andes beer, a kiosk placed in bars, which allowed drinkers to ring wives and girlfriends and pretend they were at the hospital, in a traffic jam, any excuse. Also 4th equal is DDB Stockholm’s ‘Fun Theory’ for Volkswagen, one part of which was a musical staircase. As you walked up it, each step played a note. Looking elsewhere in the Top 20, we have : ° A large box, BBDO’s ‘Cube’ installation for HBO which showed simultaneously four movies, the four different sides to a story. ° A parcel, but with a face printed on it. Ogilvy Brazil’s idea was an app that took a photo of everyone who popped into Burger King and printed their mugshot onto the wrapper of their Whopper. ° A song, which got to No.4 in the charts for Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R Tel Aviv on behalf of Israel’s AIDS Task Force. . ° A practical joke from JWT Italy for Heineken when they suckered a large group of football fans into missing the big Milan v Real Madrid game to go to a classical concert with their girlfriends. ° A game from DDB London which helped make Monopoly contemporary, relevant and fun. ° A perfume from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne which went on sale across Australia, raising money for guide dogs for then blind. You want more proof that advertising has changed? Of the Top 20 campaigns across all media, only five are what you might call ‘traditional’, in as much as they have a TV component to them: ° No.3 – TBWA\Chiat Day’s ‘Replay’ campaign for Gatorade. ° No.7 – BETC Euro RSCG Paris’s commercial for Canal+, ‘The Closet’. ° No. 15, ‘Sandwich’ from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO for Walkers Crisps. ° No. 17, ‘Nothing Soft Gets In’ from Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney for Toyota. ° No. 20, Special Group’s ‘Orcon + Iggy Together’ for Orcon broadband. Oh, and I suppose TBWA Paris’s ‘Graffiti’ viral for Aides France though I don’t believe it had any paid-for media to support it. Not a single press campaign or poster.

Brand activation, everyone’s at it

Ten years ago, the sort of work that’s wowing juries around the world now was called brand activation and it was created by small agencies with clever-clever names like Cunning Stunts, SWOT, Immerse and Antidote. Today brand activation is being created by agencies with names like BBDO, DDB, TBWA and Abbott Mead Vickers. That said, looking at the top 20 Direct campaigns, independent agencies do feature more heavily than in other categories with no fewer than eight listings: ° Farfar, Stockholm, at No.1 with ‘Signpost’ ° Serviceplan, Munich, at No.4 with Bang & Olufsen’s ‘Audio Annual Report’ ° Special Group, Auckland, at No.6 with ‘Orcon + Iggy’ ° Droga5 with ‘4320 LA/SYD’ for Virgin Australia ° Shackleton, Madrid, with ‘Capable’ for the ONCE Foundation ° Ester, Stockholm, with ‘1000 Condoms’ for Stockholm City Council ° Mortierbrigade, Brussels, with ‘Eternal Moonwalk’ for radio station Studio Brussels. ° Happiness Brussels at No. 20 with ‘IQ Font’ for Toyota. So, the headline news is that the more creative of the multinational agencies have ‘got it’, as they say. Perhaps the most shocking example of how well they’ve ‘got it’ was when Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO won the Direct Agency of the Year laurels at Cannes 2010. In The Directory Big Won rankings for Direct, AMV is the No.4= agency in the world with the No.2 campaign, ‘Sandwich’. ‘Choose a Different Ending’ for the Metropolitan Police was also a multiple winner at international shows. 10 of the Top 20 Direct agencies are ad agencies and only five are specialists in direct: Shackleton Madrid, di Paola & Asociados Argentina, Proximity Portugal, RMG Target Dublin, and CP Proximity Spain. Does that tell us anything? Only that the gap between the different kinds of agency is narrowing. And that life will continue to be painful for the likes of Proximity, RMG and OgilvyOne, where they still exist, as their parent agencies steadily continue to annexe their clients, their work and their income. Wunderman alone seems to have escaped the predators, who must surely be eyeing them greedily from within Y&R. This isn’t to say that direct marketing agencies are doomed. Far from it. But they will probably remain small and their focus will be data and customer relationships rather than mass-marketing. Of course, there’s been a lot of comment about how trad agencies are muscling in on the direct territory. “Get off our awards,’ bleated one blogger. But Guy Bradbury, creative director of Touch DDB in London, told Directory “It’s bloody great that agencies like Abbott Mead Vickers and Y&R Tel Aviv are doing outstanding direct work because it raises the bar creatively for us all. And it shows clients what the rest of us could be doing for them if they gave us the chance.”.

Top agencies in Direct

Looking specifically at Direct, in 2010 the team analysed 1,253 award-winning campaigns from 609 agencies. Shackleton and Ogilvy Frankfurt were early adopters of integration and both have, for the past five years, produced consistently outstanding work in the Direct category, Shackleton perhaps having a greater digital expertise. Of the three top agencies, Ogilvy Frankfurt won awards with no fewer than 20 different ideas and Shackleton with 13. But BMF Sydney trumped them both with 48 awards for 28 different ideas – and is as capable of skillfully targeted direct mail campaigns as it is of creating web-based brand-response campaigns. Their ‘6 Beers of Separation’ for Tooheys was, I believe, much better than the 27th placing it got in the Top Direct Campaigns. If it had got Gold, or even Silver at Cannes or a couple of the international events, they would have made it to top of the heap. By contrast, Abbott Mead Vickers got to 4th = thanks to just two campaigns (‘Sandwich’ for Walkers and ‘Choose a Different Ending’ for the Metropolitan Police) and it’s the same story for Ogilvy Sao Paulo, who won big with three ideas: 1. ‘Whopper Face’ idea Burger King 2. ‘The $73,000 Bar Tab’ campaign for Bar Aurelia 3. GRAAC ‘Donate your Website’. Elsewhere in the list, Memac Ogilvy Dubai gained a Top 10 position thanks to an exceptional performance in regional shows, with ‘Dustvertising’ for Castrol and campaigns for Volvo, The Economist and a clever little idea using their own business cards to sell themselves. If it is the brand-response campaigns with a significant video component that tend to win well at the big international awards (only one piece of direct mail won Gold at Cannes in 2010, for instance) good old-fashioned DM hasn’t been completely superseded.

A few winners with Mail a component

Three campaigns using mail are in the Top 10 Campaigns list, hurrah! They are: ° Serviceplan’s ‘Annual Report’ for Bang & Olufsen at No.5, when they mailed out the company’s 2009 figures on CD, sung by top opera singers. ° CP Proximity Spain’s ‘Composing Your Life’ idea for Audi at No. 11, driving recipients online where their personal details could create a unique melody. ° Shackleton Madrid’s ‘Capable’ campaign for the ONCE Foundation. CEO’s were mailed a blindfold and invited to try running their companies wearing it. For more rankings, please go to or for specific queries, email [email protected].

The Top 10 DIRECT agencies in the world 2010

Agency Points 2009 rank 2008 rank
1. Ogilvy Frankfurt 150 3 2
2. Shackleton Madrid 149 1 1
3. BMF Sydney 147 4 10
4= Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 107 5 48
4= AMV BBDO London 107 - -
6. BBDO New York 99 327 -
7. Farfar Stockholm 88 - -
8. Ogilvy Sao Paulo 82 80 229
9. Memac Ogilvy Dubai 77 50 148
10. JWT Italy 76 492 -

The Top 20 DIRECT campaigns in the world 2010

Campaign Agency Points
1. The World’s Biggest Signpost – Nokia Farfar Stockholm 88
2. Sandwich – Walker’s Crisps AMV BBDO 71
3. Nothing Soft Gerts In – Toyota Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney 70
4. Andes Teletransporter – Andes Del Campo Nazca Argentina 63
5. Audio Annual Report – Bang & Olufsen Serviceplan Munich 58
6= Orcon + Iggy Together – Orcon NZ Special Group Auckland 54
6= Support Scent – Guide Dogs Australia Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 54
8. Auditorium – Heineken Italy JWT Italy 52
9. 4320 LA/SYD – Virgin Australia Droga5 Australia 42
10. Live Rescue – NZ Coastguard DDB Auckland 40
11. Composing Your Life – Audi Espana CP Proximity Madrid 38
12. Capable – ONCE Foundation Shackleton Madrid 37
13= Photochains – Canon Australia Leo Burnett Sydney 36
13= Hidden Sounds – Zoo Records Leo Burnett Hong Kong 36
15= Quique the Head – Diesel Shackleton Madrid 34
15= Whopper Face – Burger King Ogilvy Sao Paulo 34
15= 1000 Condoms – Stockholm City Council Ester Stockholm 34
18. Eternal Moonwalk – Studio Brussels mortierbrigade, Brussels 33
19= IQ Font – Toyota Belgium Happiness Brussels 32
19= Casting – Playboy Grey Argentina 32

Top 10 Digital campaigns in the world 2010

Campaign Agency Points
1. Spring/Summer Collection – Wrangler Kokokaka Gothenburg 85
2. Facebook Showroom – IKEA Sweden Forsman & Bodenfors 78
3. We Choose the Moon – JFK Library The Martin Agency Richmond 74
4. Fun Theory – VW Sweden DDB Stockholm 72
5= Monopoly City Streets – Hasbro DDB London 64
5= World’s Biggest Signpost – Nokia FarFar Stockholm 64
7. Graffiti – Aides TBWA Paris 60
8. The Sounds of Hamburg – City Orchestra Jung von Matt Hamburg 54
9. Thinking Space – The Economist AMV BBDO London 45
10. Verbatim Championship – Mitsubishi IMG SRC Tokyo 40

Top talent

The Directory Big Won rankings have been sponsored by The Garden Partnership in London, run by Alison Tindall and Mark Rapley, both of whom came out of DDB London (and its previous incarnation, BMP). If you want to know your creative ranking in 2010, email [email protected]. Also, get in touch with her if you are looking to hire top creative talent or if you’re top creative talent looking to be hired. One depressing aspect to the lists is there’s just one woman’s name in the Top Creative Directors rankings , one in the Best Copywriter list and one in the Best Art Directors.

Top Direct Creative Directors 2010

Creative Director Agency Points
1.Paul Brazier ECD, AMV BBDO London 95
2=Erik Norin Creative Director, Farfar Stockhom 88
2=Jon Dranger ECD, Farfar Stockholm 88
4.Till Hohmann ECD, Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai 79
5.Pietro Maestri ECD, JWT Italy 76
6=Steve Back ECD, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney 74
6=Dave Bowman Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney 74
8=Mariano Serkin ECD, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi, Argentina 71
8=Maxi Itzkoff ECD, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi, Argentina 71
10=Jay Benjamin ECD, Leo Burnett Sydney 70
10=Andy DiLallo ECD, Leo Burnett Sydney 70
12.David Lubars CCO, BBDO New York 67
13.Ant Keogh ECD, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 65
14.Damian Royce Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 64
15.Javier Campopiano Creative Director, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi 63
16=Alex Schill CCO, Farfar Stockholm 62
16=Matias Palm Jensen CCO, Farfar Stockholm 62
16=Christophe Everke Creative Director, Serviceplan Munich 62
19=Angela Bassichetti Creative Director, Ogilvy Sao Paulo 58
19=Michel Lent Creative Director, Ogilvy Sao Paulo 58
19=Anselmo Ramos CCO, Ogilvy Sao Paulo 58
19=Matthias Mittermueller Creative Director, Serviceplan Munich 58
19=Tim Strathus Creative Director, Serviceplan Munich 58

Top copywriters

Copywriter Agency Points
1. Carl Fredrik Jannerfeldt Farfar Stockholm 88
2. Steve Colls Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO 71
3. Steve Jackson Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney 70
4. Patricio del Sante Del Campo Nazca Saatchi Argentina 63
5. Julian Schreiber Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 60
6. Juliana Hirsing Serviceplan Munich 58
7. Marcus Pfeiffer Ogilvy Frankfurt 53
8. Cristiano Tonnarelli JWT Italy 52
9. Adam Reeves BBDO New York 50
10. Ben Akers Droga5 Sydney 42

Top art directors

Art Director Agency Points
1. Tomas Jonsson Farfar Stockholm 88
2= Colin Jones Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO 71
2= Juan Pedro Porcaro Del Camp Nazca Saatchi Argentina 71
4= Vince Lagana Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney 70
4= Kieran Antill Leo Burnett Sydney 70
6. Carlos Muller Del Campo Nazca Saatchi Argentina 63
7. Tom Martin Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 60
8. Daniel Schweinzer Ogilvy Frankfurt 59
9= Monika Steiner Serviceplan Munich 58
9= Denis Kakazu Ogilvy Sao Paulo 58


In 2010 The Directory team logged 5,619 awards won for 2,820 clients by 331 Chief Creative Officers 698 Executive Creative Directors 2,178 Creative Directors 2,465 copywriters

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