The MAA Globes 2010

Issue 18 | March 2011

The MAA Globes 2010

The MAA Worldwide is a global self-help group run by the senior managers of the world’s leading marketing services agencies for the world’s leading marketing services agencies.

It’s a social network that uses its bi-annual conferences to share information and stimulate innovation.

It also celebrates inspiration through its annual awards show, the MMA Globes.

Established in 1985, The Globes are different to most awards schemes in that a campaign is only eligible if it has already been a winner at home in a MAA-recognised programme such as those organized by CAMPRO in Argentina, the APMA Stars in Australia & New Zealand, AMPRO in Brazil, CAPMA PROMO Awards in Canada, the JPM Awards in Japan, the PMAA Dragons in Asia, the Silver Mercury’s in Russia, the ISP Awards in the UK and the PMA REGGIES Awards in the USA.

What The Globes were established to do is to find the ideas which are genuinely the best of the best in sales promotion and promotional marketing.

In 2010, there were over 400 entries from 28 countries, including Pakistan and Vietnam. 140 jurors were assembled from around the world, representing agencies, clients, academia, media and industry associations of one sort or another.

Their overall impression was that the quality of work was higher than ever before. What was interesting too was the marked increase in the number of campaigns using multiple techniques, including digital and social media, to achieve their objectives.

48 awards were presented and President of MAA Worldwide, Kieran Killeen, said:

“Despite the economic conditions, the awards attracted more entries than ever before. Australia, Asia, South America, North America and Europe were all well- represented in a global array of high quality programs. With pressure on clients and their respective agencies to deliver results, it is testament to our industry that more and more Companies recognize the influence that effective brand activities have on their business”.

The pick of the crop

Directory is delighted to be able to publish a selection of the 16 Golds.

Personal favourites are The Hive’s “Bicycle Factory” for Cadbury, Canada, which is yet another example of how brands can prosper when they demonstrate they share the same values as their consumers; and Mudramax’s re-invention of the game of cricket with ‘7Up, The Lemon Army’. This is a genuinely big idea and it led to the sort of genuinely massive results that do our entire industry a favour.

Though it did not win a Gold, we also liked ‘Street Sweeper’ from beacon communications kk, Japan, for Oral B. The picture tells the story!

Two Globe winners have been featured in previous editions of Directory:

Whybin\TBWA\Tequila’s Sydney “Take the Wheel” – Issue 12

Wunderman Australia’s “” – Issue 14

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