Welcome to Directory 17

Issue 17 | December 2010



Welcome to Issue 17 of Directory

And once again it’s a 112-page whopper with work from around the world.

We even got sent a couple of submissions from Kazakhstan. Sadly, however, these did not find favour with the editorial committee.

The standard of work is, as ever, very high with just about every case history either an award-winner already or about to feature handsomely at awards shows in 2011.

For me, top campaign of the quarter is the ‘Miserable Gisburn’ campaign for Renault Mégane from Publicis London.

But also getting a big thumbs up are Red Urban’s idea of promoting McDonald’s shrimp dip by creating a band called Shrimp and the Dips page 102-3, the wonderfully simple mailing for Sportspec from Goss, Sweden, page 40-41 and Akestam Holst’s idea of a mosquito farm for outdoor-gear store Playground page 72-73.

Talking of awards, in Issue 17 we bring you Directory’s very own awards showcase, the best work published in the magazine since we started publishing four years ago.

The Awards themselves are unique covers of Directory, designed by Darren Eagles, each featuring the winning campaign. These are, of course, available for the winners to purchase. Details on page 14.

When readers

write Without readers, Directory would shrivel up and die. So it’s grand to hear from our readers every now and then. Ben Gough, for instance.

Ben is a copywriter at EHS Brann who submitted a very decent online campaign for Peugeot to Issue 16 and has maintained a bantering email correspondence ever since.

He was not impressed that the idea failed to make it past the editorial committee and wrote to say so. Several times. In a different tone and manner each time.

The mediaeval scribe, the Ali G impersonator, Ben has been all of these. And have we taken offence? The very opposite. It is great to hear from readers so, please, if you have any suggestions, opinions, gripes or gossip, do email me.

We plan to make it easier for people to communicate with us. Kreativa New Formula in Belgrade are re-designing the website. An important part of the new-look directnewideas. com site will be a blog. Opinions welcome!

Directory in a pickle

Directory is produced from an orchard in Kent. In our orchard there are apple trees. And this autumn, as a break from writing ads, running training programmes and producing Directory, we have tried making chutney.

So, if you renew or take out a subscription in the next six months, a jar of Directory Apple Chutney is yours if you would like one. Now there’s an offer no other advertising magazine could (or would) ever make!

Do please follow us on Twitter: @directnewideas

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