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Kern Precision Scales

Kern Precision Scales

Issue 13 | December 2009


20:20 London

Creative Team

Executive Creative Director: David Harris Creative Head: James Nester Creative Head: Chris Lawson Photographer: Piet Johnson Web Designer: Ivan Pinto Designer: Kevan Ansell


May 2009


Kern calibrates and distributes some of the most precise scales in the world. What was needed was an idea that dramatised the extraordinary precision of Kern products.  With only a small budget, the agency had to create a DM pack that would generate leads and start compelling conversations between prospects and Kern.


Kern scientists were asked to weigh every element of their corporate stationery (from the letterhead to the envelope, down to the very ink on the business card) to a staggering seven decimal places. These measurements were featured on the stationery which formed the basis of our pack.


Results prove that a creative idea also has a precise (and very significant) value: a 24% response rate resulted in 167 leads and four resellers signed up (predicted €200,000 revenue for 2010); but basing calculations just on the €31,000 revenue created by direct sales alone, the ROI is already over 750%.

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