Mail & Door Drops

Cannes Book

Action Ambros

Issue 6 | July 2008


Clients rely on advertising agencies for their knowledge and expertise. As an agency that runs on strong ideas and is careful to keep informed of what is happening in the international field of advertising and marketing, Action Ambros wanted to excite and motivate one of their clients about the possibilities that advertising can offer (specifically direct marketing), demonstrating how powerful the medium is and how they could benefit. Action Ambros's CEO, Andrew Ambrogioni, attended the Cannes International Advertising Awards in France. While there he was able to acquire footage of award winning international direct marketing campaigns. Armed with fresh ideas and insights, he decided to expose one of their clients, AIG, to what is current internationally in direct response marketing. He wanted to invite AIG to an afternoon where he could share his findings and knowledge, via an invite that was itself strong conceptually, re-iterating just how powerful direct mail could be.

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