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Drama Queen

Issue 16 | September 2010


ATBWA/PHS Helsinki Finland

Creative Team

President, CFP-E: Francois Chilot Copywriter: Mira Olsson Art Director: Minna Lavola

Production Team

Producer,L-A-D-A/Caviar: Jacques Vereecken, Karen Bruinsma Director, L-A-D-A/Caviar: Roger Hesp


Concluded June 2010


CFP-E/SHOTS wanted to establish the Young Director Award by as THE competition for aspiring commercial film directors and to get as many high-quality entries as possible to the 2010 competition. (To be eligible, entries had to be one of the first four commercials the director had directed.)


The idea was to give a good script to an inexperienced director and then put it up on Youtube and seed it in blogs read by production companies and film-school students, where it could inspire other equally inexperienced young film-makers to give the competition a go.

24 year-old Rogier Hesp did such a good job, the commercial rapidly went viral, picking up a significantly larger audience than the specific target group.


The link was sent to 1,500 email-addresses, which led to over 265,000 views on Youtube in a few weeks. It was picked up by over 30 sites publishing the newest and freshest work in advertising and led within a month to around 400 entries into the competition from young commercials directors all around the world.

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