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Status Of Africa

Issue 19 | June 2011


AMREF, Africa’s leading health development charity, wanted to raise awareness of the difficulties many mothers face in the marginalised communities of Africa.

With a brief to raise awareness and drive support, Mother’s Day was the perfect opportunity for BBH to launch a new release of the Status of Africa Facebook app.

In 2010, BBH had used the medium of the status update to reveal the truth about life for people in the poorest African communities. The difference this time was that the Status of Africa app focused solely on women.

On Facebook, people could choose a real mother or midwife in Africa that AMREF works with and to share their status or Twitter account with them for 5 days. The app automatically updated the users’ status twice a day with their chosen mother or midwife. The status updates were written based on true case studies.

The nature of these true stories encouraged viewers to make donations there and then.

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