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Issue 22 | March 2012


In 2010, Hippo baked munchies was successfully launched into the Indian snack market on the back of the slogan 'Hunger is the root of all evil. So, don't go hungry.' The brand became a runaway success. However, its nascent sales & distribution network found it challenging to keep track of stock, identify and re-stock empty shelves across 400,000 stores nationwide.

Across India there are some 12 million small-sized stores and local shops. Moreover, 92% of the snack market is unorganized and inventory tracking is an on-ground exercise undertaken only by sales staff by personally visiting every local store. This was a logistical nightmare for Hippo.

To solve the problem, Hippo turned to its followers on Twitter and asked them to tweet whenever they couldn't find the snack in store.

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