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How are the Kids?

2009 UK DMA Awards

Issue 13 | December 2009


EHS Brann

Creative Team

Miranda Arnold, Rob Isaacs, Luciana Kavanagh, Cassy Waugh, Anthony Abdool, Aaron Howard, Georgie Rees

Production Team


Other Credits

David Elliott, Annemarie Hennessy


February 2009


Change4Life is England’s first-ever national social marketing campaign designed to combat childhood obesity. How are the Kids? is part of a £372m Government initiative to try to change eating and exercise behaviours. It is a recruitment tool, a national survey into our kids’ health, using a questionnaire to make the issue personal to families – and to get mums and kids to join the CRM programme.


Using the bright colours and characters from the advertising, the recruitment into the CRM programme is an easy to complete questionnaire for mums and kids. Respondents received a personalised Action Plan based on their answers to the survey, which is intended to get them and their kids active and eating well.

The work is different to many other Government campaigns in that it is designed not to preach or sensationalise but to speak to mums as trusted friends. The collateral had to be easy to use, something kids would want to play with.


How are the Kids? smashed all response targets. We had 256,722 questionnaires returned, against our target of 100,000, at a CPR of £6 (vs COI average of £17), and against forecast of £28.

It was the most cost-effective and responsive campaign the COI have recorded in recent years.

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