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Turtle Beach - Rapp London

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Issue 12 | September 2009


Every year, sea turtles return to their nesting beaches to lay their eggs. When they do so, the poachers are waiting for them. They flip the turtles onto their backs so they can’t escape, and then butcher the helpless creatures for their shells, which are turned into trinkets for tourists.

Unfortunately, many UK tourists unwittingly buy these souvenirs, without realising they’re fuelling the demand for a slaughter which is endangering the species across the globe.

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) wanted to raise awareness of the issue to holiday-makers.

Rather than a traditional DM pack, it was felt it would be better to engage the public directly, to involve them with the issue and evoke an emotional response – to create something they would remember when they next travelled abroad.

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