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Something’s Afoot On Islay

Glenmorangie Company

Issue 6 | July 2008


Creatively, Ardbeg has teased and enticed their Committee Members (40,000 evangelical members in over 100 countries worldwide) with anecdotes and tales from the island for the past eight years. With this campaign, Story wanted to let them know that something was indeed 'afoot' on Islay, opting to tingle their spines rather than press their funny bones. Made on the Scottish Isle of Islay, Ardbeg has seven other distilleries on its doorstep. To remain the Ultimate Islay malt the brand has to 'own' Islay in the minds of whisky fans, strategically beginning to name expressions topograpically and gradually take over the island. Near the reservoir that feeds the Ardbeg Distillery, there is a dark wooded place whose name in Gaelic means ‘shelter of the beast’. A new whisky was launched named after this spooky place

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