Mail & Door Drops

'Cut Out the Big Guy' and 'Half a Bill'


Issue 3 | July 2008


In the first quarter of 2006, the hot media topic was the high cost of phone and internet in New Zealand. This was driven by the monopoly of telecommunications giant, Telecom. Woosh was the first player to disrupt the market by offering a viable alternative to Telecom. But the difficulty was breaking into a market where everyone had used the same provider for as long as they'd had a phone. Luckily, Woosh was cheaper. In fact, for the same price as a home phone line, wiring maintenance and voicemail from Telecom, Woosh customers could get all that AND Broadband Internet. So they repositioned the pricing to be ‘get a phone line and your broadband comes free’. The first mail campaign was designed to tackle Telecom head-on in both price and attitude and convert more of their customers. The follow up door drop activity aimed to target disgruntled householders in key Woosh network zones, letting them know they could pay half as much for their phone with a phone and broadband package from Woosh.

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