The Megane Experiment

Issue 17 | December 2010


Publicis noticed a strong statistical relationship between towns with higher Renault Mégane sales and those with higher rates of fertility, happiness and life expectancy. Coincidence? The Mégane Experiment became the true story of one man’s journey to discover whether a car can change a town.

Claude, from Menton, Côte d' Azur, France (with 21 Renault Méganes) was sent to Gisburn, Lancashire, UK (0 Renault Méganes) to observe what happened when he introduced the town to his car and to his joie de vivre.

The resulting unscripted film provoked huge controversy and genuinely impacted the lives of the people involved: the residents of Gisburn have since applied to twin their town with Menton.

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