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Current Issue 1
December 2006

Mail & Door Drops
A is for ANZ Rapp Collins Melbourne A mailing in the form of alphabet cards for parents to use to teach their children to read. The back of each card contains a word or phrase related to the A to Z of financial planning, to teach the parents about the benefits of using ANZ Financial Planning. A New Volume Presky Maves A two-part direct mail piece from Glenfiddich to Oddbins store managers. The first part consists of an unbranded hardback book, describing the attributes of an unnamed and ‘uncompromising’ whisky and containing a bottled sample of Single Malt Scotch whisky. It invites the recipient to guess which whisky it is. The second part is a branded dust jacket, revealing the whisky as Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 Year Old. This resembles the cover of a best-selling novel and develops the story behind the brand. Bulldog Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel Mailpack to Land Rover Defender prospects that exemplifies the attributes that make the vehicle so special. Coathanger MRM Partners A dimensional mailing in the form of a box containing an NMA branded wooden coat hanger. Crushed Pack iris A mailpack in the form of a crushed box, with an ‘official’ red stamp on the outside saying, ‘Unfortunately this package was slightly damaged in transit’. Inside, a photograph shows the risks of level crossings. A highly targeted piece, sent to people with level crossings on their private land. Fur M&C Saatchi Sydney A simple fake fur-covered mail piece. The copy on the reverse tells the recipients that ‘it feels better when it’s a real cat’ and encourages them to spread the word about the Sydney Dogs Home’s change of name. Fuzzy Felt Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel A direct mail drive to warm prospects, encouraging them to take the plunge and open an account with first direct. The pack takes the form of a box of ‘fuzzy felt’, conveying the warm and friendly approach of the bank, as well as its customisable versatility. Recipients are invited to ‘create a bank around you’. If It’s Dirty, We Will Clean It proximity#ttp A mailpack in the form of a ‘dirty joke book’, in which all the jokes have been cleaned up, to demonstrate the excellent cleaning skills of Va Va Broom. Improved Account Manager Akestam.Holst A highly targeted and personalised mail piece sent to art directors, containing two proofs, the annotated ‘before’ version and the retouched ‘after’ version. Junk Mail Sharpen Troughton Owens Response A door drop in the form of a wrap around leaflet tied to a single stem flower. Little Big TEQUILA Auckland A flat mailing in the form of a little envelope with a very big letter inside it. Little Big TEQUILA Auckland A flat mailing in the form of a little envelope with a very big letter inside it. Murphy's Law Solutions Integrated Marketing Services A four-part mailer using witty illustrations of Murphy’s Law to surprise and engage the recipient. Pencil Personal A dimensional mailing congratulating the winners of the D&AD awards, in the form of a D&AD pencil made out of flowers. Pencil Pack WWAV Rapp Collins London A simple internal mailing to WWAV Rapp Collins London employees to encourage them to donate to NSPCC through the payroll. A plain white envelope carries the instruction, ‘Try breaking this envelope in half’. Inside, a (now broken) pencil is attached to the letter, which states, ‘That’s how easy it is to break a child’s arm’. Script Rees Bradley Hepburn A simple mailing in the form of a single page theatre script. Snowman TEQUILA Auckland A mailing in the form of a clear plastic bag containing water, a pipe, a carrot and two round black stones. The Book of Revelations Arc Worldwide Philippines A direct mailer in the form of a makeover workbook, featuring Nancy, a working mother who has no time to care for herself. The mailer invites top beauty experts to give Nancy a makeover with the help of photographs found in the workbook in order to join the P&G Beauty Exchange programme. Tyre Swing TEQUILA Auckland A dimensional mailing in the form of a tyre. Using an Old Program - Photoshop - as a New Medium TBWA TEQUILA Johannesburg A mailing in the form of an email and a mailed CD Rom containing a before and after Photoshop image
Cricket Sponsorship Activation RMG Connect London An integrated campaign at and around cricket grounds to promote Sky Mobile TV on Vodafone Live! 3G Infected Advertising The Concept Farm An outdoor, print, online and in-game campaign in which ads for INFECTED gradually ‘infected’ other surrounding ads. These decaying ‘fake’ ads directed the viewer to their websites, which themselves became infected before redirecting visitors to the INFECTED website. iShares Week Personal An integrated campaign aimed exclusively at professional investors. In one week, across four countries, 20 media channels (from TV to advans) and more than 500 creative executions, Barclays Global Investors demonstrated how their iShares product is changing the face of investment. It's Not Funny Proximity London An integrated campaign designed to encourage uninterested students to buy a TV licence. It involves over 30 different executions across multiple channels - from the predictable (like Mail, TV and PR) to the not so predictable (such as aerial sockets and personalised posters in student rooms). At every point of contact, an engaging creative idea based on ‘anti-humour’ consistently re-enforces the message that ‘It’s not funny watching TV without a licence’. Knife City Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy A mock computer game that mixes animation with real footage to tell the viewer that carrying a knife is not a game. Through media partnerships with Kiss and Choice FM the ‘game’ was distributed on DVD by street teams, plugged on the radio and on the station websites, as well as having its own microsite and being sent as a viral. Lonely Finger proximity#ttp An underground fully integrated campaign centred around a sad, lonely finger wandering the world looking for friends. Tearing Up The Road Chemistry Communications An integrated campaign designed to make young male drivers realise the consequences of speeding. In addition to traditional media, a targeted insert, viral driving game, and experiential car device were developed to surprise and engage the target audience, and show them that it isn’t cool to drive too fast. Using an Old Program - Photoshop - as a New Medium TBWA TEQUILA Johannesburg A mailing in the form of an email and a mailed CD Rom containing a before and after Photoshop image Valentine's Day TBWA TEQUILA Johannesburg An ambient, email and mail campaign involving the placement and sending of fake Valentine’s cards. VERB YELLOWBALL Frankel, an Arc Worldwide Company An integrated campaign intended to spread ‘play’ amongst tweens across America. It involves the distribution of hundreds of thousands of coded yellow balls by means of influencer mailings, school programmes, teachers’ guides, mobile tours, and a microsite where the kids can blog about what they did with their ball, mix videos, enter contests and earn iTunes for passing the ball along. Via Staedtler HOST A print, online and viral mail campaign celebrating the everyday art of handwriting and writing instruments. The URL was subtly seeded on press ads and through the placement of unbranded, handwritten notes in public places. Through the website, users can write messages to friends and relatives, which are then handwritten and posted to the intended recipient. Wicked Headline! Proximity Germany GmbH A short implementation of a low-priced campaign involving the guerrilla placement of stickers and banners pointing to the best headlines on existing posters and homepages, carrying the challenge, ‘Could YOU do that, too?’