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Current Issue 12
September 2009

Mail & Door Drops
1 Litre Cube - The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town Ever wondered what a cubic litre of space looks like? Now imagine 3,999 more and you have the load capacity of the new Hyundai van. Add A Dimension - Proximity London Proximity London Call for Entries - DDB Sydney DDB Sydney Why are so many of the PR shots of creative luminaries that appear in the trade press so cheesy? DDB Sydney took this insight and used it to create a witty 22-page booklet to help winners of the 2009 AWARDs make sure they end up looking fabulous. Chamois Welcome Pack - Proximity Canada Proximity Canada When you’ve spent a fortune on a new car, a little gift like this can go a long way to making the whole brand experience deeper and better. Clay - Partners Andrews Aldridge Partners Andrews Aldridge You can go and lie on a beach somewhere and do nothing or you can go to Wales and bond with your children. Ettiquette Book - Ogilvy Amsterdam Ogilvy Amsterdam Thank you so much for visiting The Directory website. We hope you find it useful. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance to you in any way. (Proof we’ve read the IBM book here at Directory!) FastPost - DraftFCB Wellington DraftFCB, Wellington The objective was to get advanced expressions of interest for the new BMW X6M so BMW New Zealand could pre-book test drives and guage projected sales before the cars arrived in the country. Freelander 2: Perfect Fit - Wunderman London Wunderman London From Here To There - Proximity Portugal Proximity Portugal Since two banks had joined together to offer a new service, Proximity Lisbon joined together their separate letters. Getting Behind The Game You Love - Rapp New Zealand Proximity Portugal This is a solid piece and if sent to our agency, we'd definitely make it up and play in the office. Personal Effects Pack - Tullo Marshall Warren, London Tullo Marshall Warren, London Finding yourself looking through the possessions taken from the body of a young man who has committed suicide – a shocking idea. Put first things first again - Ogilvy Amsterdam Ogilvy Amsterdam Recipients received a mini shredder and 'Things to do today' to shred. A clear, fun and simple idea. Sandpaper - Partners Andrews Aldridge Partners Andrews Aldridge Need any more convincing that you should buy the new Rolls-Royce you’ve always promised yourself? Then let Partners Andrews’ idea take you that last step to commitment. Scotland Memory Stick - The Leith Agency The Leith Agency Within this neat little package is enough material to keep you engaged with Scotland for at least half an hour. Step out of the cow pats - DraftFCB, Wellington DraftFCB, Wellington An invitation to farmers to visit Genesis Energy’s stand based on the insight that farmers don’t get away from the farm very often. The Big Bite - Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington This invitation to a fund-raising dinner at Wellington Zoo asked recipients to imagine they were on the menu. The Nest Donation Campaign - Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand Every letter in this campaign was hand-written and heartfelt because it was written by the people who will miss the animals we allow to become extinct the most – our children. Whaquim Sanchez - DDB Sydney DDB Sydney Has you regular courier service been letting you down? Then Mailplus can help with (a) a better service and (b) something to vent your frustrations on.
Online & Digital
Clay - Partners Andrews Aldridge Partners Andrews Aldridge You can go and lie on a beach somewhere and do nothing or you can go to Wales and bond with your children. Facebook Friends - Arc Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Arc Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Slowly but surely direct marketers are beginning to work out how to use social media like Facebook. Here people are drawn in before the truth is revealed. Heat Defence - Chemistry Communications Chemistry Communications Rich content that shows women how they can give themselves hair that looks professionally styled – but without damaging it. Hold your Lion - Proximity BBDO Brussels Proximity BBDO Brussels Want to know what you’d look like with a Cannes Gold Lion? Proximity BBDO gave creatives in Belgium the chance to fantasise. Moment of Terror - D6 Creative Room D6 Visitors to the Festival of Horror Films get a horrifying text message the moment they arrive. Pourfect Dublin - Dialogue Ireland Dialogue, Dublin Learn to pour the perfect pint of Guinness and win the chance to go and sample plenty of the black stuff in Dublin. Psych Wipe - Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington How to recruit psychiatrists for the army – give them the answer and then let them figure out the question. Scroll Assist - Jung von Matt, Hamburg Jung von Matt Hamburg The scroll-bar on your computer starts to skid across your PC screen – it’s an analogy of what can happen in a car without Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Lane Keep Assist’ technology. The Internet Is Mine - Proximity BBDO Brussels Proximity BBDO Brussels The LEGO Codes - Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg Posters made with real Lego bricks got passers-by to use their mobile phones to find out the hidden messages and then go to the website.